STUDIO CITY—Filmmaker, actor and director Gregori J. Martin, tells Canyon News all about his new web-series “The Bay,” which is about to debut online. Just like maverick film directors before him, Martin reminds me a lot of myself in some ways, but more like one-of-a kind mogul William Wellman, who directed many of Hollywood’s biggest and most exciting big screen features in entertainment history. Martin may have dabbled in acting, but the handsome star is quick to say, he loves being behind the camera and doesn’t have a burning desire like most actors to be on-air. “The Bay” is very much like former TV series “Dynasty,” “Falcon Crest” and as Gregori reminds me, “I got a lot of ideas from genres like ”˜Santa Barbara,’ but this series is like no other.” Here’s your chance to learn about a young man who is about to take Hollywood by storm, and his amazing new dramatic serial.

Q-Who came up with the idea of “The Bay”?

A-“I did! Under a different title. I’ve been creating these characters and stories for over 20 years. It’s been a part of me since as far as I can remember, through the influences of shows like ”˜Dynasty’ and ”˜Santa Barbara,’ etc. As far as the current title goes, I must give credit to one of the stars of the show and good friend of mine, Kristos Andrews. When first looking for a good title a bunch of us were brainstorming and he came up to me one night and said ”˜How about “The Bay”‘? I knew right then and there, it was the perfect title for the show!”

Q-How long have you wanted to produce and be involved in entertainment?

A-“I’ve been in the entertainment business for quite some time. I started off as a production assistant back in the late ’90s, and then quickly crossed over to acting. But acting wasn’t enough for me. I wanted more and so I would produce my own Indie projects from time to time. It wasn’t until 2005 that I made my crossover to directing, with a play I directed called ”˜Crucify!’ And then I directed my first indie feature one year later. That’s pretty much where my focus has been for the last five years. The desire to be involved in the entertainment business has also always been a part of me since as far as I can remember.”

Q-Like so many, you even did the soap route. You appeared on “General Hospital” in 2005-2006. Did you enjoy it, and did you learn a lot from it?

A-“I learned some interesting things from working on ”˜GH’ that year, and I met a lot of great people. But, I didn’t really work a lot of days. I played a cop and it did help me pay my rent for a year so that’s always a plus. I built a lot of solid relationships through working on the show. ”˜GH’ was an experience for me and I’m grateful for it. I’m also grateful to Michael Saucedo and Becky Herbst who hooked me up with the job.”

Q-Who are the main characters on “The Bay”?

A-“Everyone on the show has a substantial character. Unlike some soaps today that keep all the focus on three or four main characters, I enjoy writing and working with an ensemble of characters. I would say the main character, my Erica Kane, is Sara Garrett, played by Mary Beth Evans. Everything somehow always leads back to Sara.”

Q-I always knew, even at age 4 that I would be involved in the entertainment industry, when did you figure it out and just know?

A-“As I mentioned earlier, I don’t remember when I didn’t want it. I’m very happy to be working in this industry. It could be hard sometimes but I can’t imagine doing anything else. It’s an exciting roller-coaster. And again, I’m very grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given.”

Q-You have done so much so early in your career. What is the next conquest entertainment-wise for you?

A-“I’m proud of almost everything I’ve done, but it’s not enough. I love making movies. I think right now I’d like to keep the focus on ”˜The Bay’ to see how far we can take the show. The buzz is out. People are wanting it. I hope to intrigue a lot of viewers. Other than this I’m also always open to getting involved as a director on new projects. Real ones that is. Often times in this industry everybody wants to do it but never do. If someone has a ”˜real’ project, that’s funded, and is interested in a record-breaking director to helm it, if I like the script, I’d love to give it a shot!”

Q-I understand this will air online, the new genre in entertainment. Where will it be available?

A-“We’re not sure all the channels you’ll be able to find ”˜The Bay.’ It’ll definitely be on YouTube and Vimeo. We’ll see where else. You’ll have to log on to to keep track. I’m open to ideas. I would also like to add that we have some great advertising opportunities for companies who are interested in sponsoring our show. If anyone’s interested they can reach out to us on our website.”

“The Bay” is one of the exciting fall series fans are very excited about!