HOLLYWOOD—You sometimes wonder if Jim Cryer has something on David Harrington to make him do the things he does on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” That question could not be raised any higher than this week’s episode, ‘The Family’s Name.’ Why? David came up with the ridiculous idea to try to schmooze Hanna Young. Yeah, think about that again America, cause it left me reeling that David and Jim actually thought this was going to work people.

Things picked up where last week left off with Tanner putting a beating on his brother Justin for lying about his transgressions. Tanner pegged his brother’s actions 100 percent. Landon was a nervous wreck while having that ‘drink’ with Mitch. I’m not sure what angle Mitch has going here, but I sense the goal is to ensure Landon understands fully that Mitch is interested in Candace and for President Elect Charles to back off his pal.

So now we get to the good stuff, Mitch wanted to know about Candace and Charles’ relationship, and got the answers he wanted. Celine came face-to-face with Wyatt and the two chatted about him shooting Jim. Wyatt continued to trade barbs, just as he was dismissive about getting to know his half-brothers. Wyatt was under the impression that he was headed to rehab, but the cop waiting at his door made it known that Wyatt might be heading back to jail people.

Vinny was worried about Mitch and his entanglement with Benny and Candace. Vinny received an update on Wyatt’s condition, which only irked his blood more. Hmm, it looks like Vinny is pushing himself into a corner with his actions. First, trying to kill Wyatt and with his shooting on that cop. Does not look like Mama Rose would be happy with her son’s actions?

Hanna updated Katheryn on issues with Jim and Don and their dire to need to get their hands on her money. Katheryn made it crystal clear to Hanna that her home is hers and not Jim’s. I love that Mrs. Cryer wanted to go for the jugular. When Katheryn learned that Veronica was in default on her loan it made her especially giddy, and to see that Hanna was having such a good time delivering a major blow to the Ice Queen oh, I cannot wait to see the look on her face when the bomb about her finances are dropped.

Oh, Tyler Perry, you are finally giving fans of the series what we’ve been asking years to see transpire. Jim scrambling, Veronica on edge, oh, this cannot get any juicier people. Colby realized that Justin was truly stalking Jeffery, but Colby you have ALREADY met Justin! Jeffery started to worry about Justin because of the constant calls, which only prompted Jeffery to realize danger may be indeed lurking.

Celine received a visit from her boss once again and it left her on edge, so much to the point that she reached out to Veronica for assistance. This woman irks my blood to high heavens with her stinging barbs. Jim was plotting his next move as he utilized David to do his dirty work yet again. Jim wanted to go after Hanna, but was worried about retaliation from the Malone family. David if you honestly believe Hanna wants to be with you, you’re as devious and stupid as I think you are.

Alas Jeffery finally answered his phone after constant calls from Justin. Justin played the sympathy card, but then dropped the bomb that someone is trying to kill him. He teased committing suicide once again, as Colby wanted to chat with Justin, but it was worrisome to say the least. Jeffery it is apparent you do care about Justin otherwise it wouldn’t be bothering you so much.

Colby really is indeed a character, flirting, just as Colby received a text for ‘business,’ but I don’t think it’s what Colby thinks it is. Vinny had a conversation with Sandie about Mitch’s relationship with Benny Young. Vinny was coy about giving Sandie too much information about Mitch putting the Malone name out there. David tried to plead his case for Jim to get money, but Hanna shut him down. David heeded Jim’s idiotic advice and tried to ‘charm’ Hanna, but she saw right thru it.

Yes, Hanna finally CALLED DAVID out! Finally someone pegged David for being Jim’s slave and doing all of his dirty work. After eight seasons, we finally get the truth bomb dropped that I have been dying to see. Hanna called out the various ‘Davids.’ Man, Hanna is calling David out in every possible way that it is striking him right at the core and he hates every bit of it. He attempted to make a move on her, but she saw right thru it, so much to the point Hanna played along for laughs. The final moments of the episode saw Vinny pay Wyatt a visit, and it left the spoiled brat shaking in his boots.

Next week Veronica gets that call fans have been waiting for, Jim’s desperation continues to linger and David things his master plan is working, but it’s NOT people. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!