WEST HOLLYWOOD— Recent reports of crime rates for the month of April show historical low numbers in West Hollywood as citizens abide by the stay at home orders.

West Hollywood’s Sheriff’s Department, run by Captain Ed Ramirez saw only 82 Part 1 (serious) crimes from April 1- April 30, 2020, according to CrimeMapping.com.

CrimeMapping shows reports of all crimes except sex offenders for any area and is linked on all LAPD station area websites. In the report for West Hollywood, it shows the two main factors of crime were vehicular theft and personal theft.

In comparison with crime rates for April 2019, which reportedly were 182, there has been almost a 55% decrease for the 90046 area.

Based on the crime statistics for West Hollywood from January through March 2019 compared to January through March 2020, the area was already seeing an improvement as crime reports were decreased by 35.83%.

The previous yearly reports for 2017-2018 showed significantly higher crimes rates with the station’s total being 84.4% higher in 2018 compared to the rates in 2020.

As of now, rates have yet to be released for the month of May.