UNITED STATES—As a freelancer, you will be getting paid differently than you would if you were working as a salaried employee. One of the main differences will pertain to tax deductions from your income.

It can be pretty challenging for freelancers and self-employed professionals to file their taxes because of the nature of payment for services they render. A tool that can help them with tax filing is paystub generators.

A pay stub will list your pay and all the various deductions made from it. You need to ensure that you are compliant, or you risk penalties from the IRS.

The following is how paystub generators can help freelancers with tax filing:

Faster Filing

One issue that many freelancers often complain about is that it takes too long for them to receive pay after submitting their work. It makes filing taxes for freelancers time-consuming because they don’t have the income to include in their tax returns.

By using a paystub generator like ThePayStubs, freelancers will have an accurate estimation of their tax deductions. Hence, they can quickly fill in and file their tax returns with the conviction that they will not be persecuted for inputting the wrong amount.

Using a paystub generator also reduces the time that freelancers need to file their tax returns because they don’t have to wait until their pay arrives.

Calculate Income from Various Sources

When filing your taxes, you need to state all the income you make from various sources. It is challenging to declare the income in your tax returns if you do not know how much you have made from multiple sources.

If a freelancer or remote worker could get a pay stub from each of their jobs, they would have accurate estimates of the income they have earned from various sources. They would then file precise tax returns more easily as they would not have to wait to receive their pay to quote exact figures on the returns.

Making Adjustments

Very few tax returns, if any, are perfectly filed the first time around. You typically have to make several adjustments when filing your returns to ensure that you file them correctly.

Adjustments will be impossible if you don’t know whether you will receive payment or not. A paystub generator will offer freelancers detailed information about their income which can help them make the necessary adjustments to their tax returns.

Understand Income

Just as with employees, a paystub offers insight into the details of payment or income. Therefore, a paystub generator will produce paystubs to help freelancers understand what is included in the payment they take home.

One of the most beneficial elements of a paystub related to filing taxes is that it helps understand taxable and exempt income. When making income from various sources, it is crucial to know which income you need to report in the returns.

Hence, you can file the correct amount of income in your tax returns and avoid overpaying or underpaying your taxes.

Tax Preparation Services

Most freelancers will use tax preparation services to help them file their tax returns. When there is ambiguity about the amount of income you make, tax preparation is almost impossible.

A paystub generator will provide enough information to make the tax filing process more efficient than it otherwise would be. Instead of using estimates or contracts to estimate income, you can use the amount quoted on the paystub to file tax returns.

Tax preparation is vital especially considering how you need to file your taxes which will be different if you have an LLC, sole proprietorship, or are working as an individual.

Filing taxes for freelancers is much harder for freelancers than it is for employees. The ways outlined above are ways a paystub generator can help freelancers file their taxes. Therefore, if you are a freelancer or work with freelancers, creating paystubs is a good idea.