WILMTONG, DE—On Friday, March 17, Hunter Biden filed a lawsuit against author, Delaware computer repairman and shop owner, John Paul “Mac” Isaac for six counts of invasion of privacy including intruding upon, wrongfully sharing, and conspiring to publish private data. In a 42-page document, the lawsuit against Isaac alleges he turned Hunter’s laptop over to authorities unbeknownst to him.

Hunter took his laptop to Johnny Mac’s computer repair shop  to be fixed According to Isaac’s Linked page, he “Breathes new life into old Macs (old computers).” While the laptop  was in the care of Isaac, he found incriminating evidence on the computer.

According to Isaac, Hunter did not return to pick up his computer. Isaac now had custody of the device that contained information regarding the financial dealings of Hunter while he was employed at Burisma Holdings in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Biden filed the lawsuit as the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Republican Rep. James Comer of Kentucky continues his investigation into Hunter’s business dealings. Due to the potentially incriminating evidence found on Biden’s laptop, legal allegations against him are growing.

Vice President, Joe Biden with his son, Hunter in Ukraine

Isaac is proving that it was taken into custody by authorities after being abandoned at his shop.

In his book, “Injustice: My Battle to Expose the Truth,” Isaac discusses FBI agents coming to came to his computer shop in December 2019 with a subpoena, to collect Hunter’s laptop.

On Page 24 of the complaint, Mac claims that Biden’s laptop was left at his shop for a period of a year. According to Isaac, a computer left in his shop for over 90 days becomes his property. Biden signed a hold harmless agreement when he left it in his care.

Biden claims in his suit that Isaac worked on Hunter’s computer, and knew what was on it. He attempted to publish his information without his consent.

On February 9, @JPMacIsaac tweeted, “Knowing that Hunter pressured a friend of his for the name of the bouncer that threw him out so he could have him killed, I am compelled to state the following. If anything happens to me in the next few weeks, the Biden’s are responsible.”