BEVERLY HILLS—On September 5, news of multiple store closures in Beverly Hills, on N. Roberston Boulevard especially, are shuttering their doors. Some businesses have reportedly blamed the spike in crime, others the economy, and others still have indicated that in-person shopping is not what it used to be.

The upsurge in thefts that have been dubbed, “Smash n’ Grab Robberies,” has put a strain on shop owners who retail high quality goods with large price tags.

Multiple arrests have been made by Beverly Hills Police Department officers in these smash n’ grab robberies. Three individuals were charged for their crimes in March 2022. In September 2022, multiple suspects were arrested, three of whom were indicted in the felony theft of $2.6 million worth of merchandise.

The thefts have ramped up again in 2023, leaving some retailers with no other choice but to shut their doors. Old crime rate statistics do not reflect the uptick in crime in the area. In a brief search, Canyon News found reports of both low and high crime rates for Beverly Hills. Regardless of the statistics, crimes are happening.

The prison rehabilitation efforts of California Governor Gavin Newsom who has released and redacted the sentences of hundreds of inmates, releasing some back into society reportedly added to the increase in crime.

The Chanel Store on North Robertson Boulevard closed its doors after two burglaries in one year. The Loan Mart Pawn Shop located at 103 N. Robertson Boulevard, Splendid, at 111 N. Roberston Boulevard, All Saints at 100 N. Robertson Boulevard have all closed as well as Urbinique, and the A|X Armani Exchange has relocated.

Prior to this trend of upscale store closings, Dicker and Dicker also on Robertson Boulevard shut its doors after 75 years of business. The furrier did not close its doors due to the economy or the crime surge. California banned the sales of furs in 2023.