MALIBU— On Friday, June 5, the city of Malibu shared updates on the Temporary Skate Park in a mass email.

California Skateparks, the company in charge of building the project, delivered the skate equipment last week. Installation began on May 28 and may need two to three weeks to be completed. The city will, however, need to wait for the County of Los Angeles to approve the reopening of skate parks due to COVID-19, before it can officially open once completed.

Crews completed the asphalt and fencing work in late May. “There continues to be great progress on Malibu’s Temporary Skate Park,” Malibu Community Services tweeted on May 26.

Construction work from May 28, 2020. Photo courtesy of the city of Malibu.

The Skatepark for Malibu Facebook Page, created in August 2017, continues to express the importance of these facilities for their community. The city is actively fighting to ensure these skate parks happen.

A portion of their group biography states:

“We must bring awareness to the dire need for a skatepark in Malibu. This page focuses on the issues of families and individuals forced to travel to skateparks in other communities. This wastes valuable time, money, and gas and does not promote healthy social interaction and community development among locals, as they are spread out in other towns. The city of Malibu delays its development because of the value of land over the value of our kids.”

The page also posted on Facebook on February 18:

“We will not be defined as Malibu skaters by where we can or cannot skate in our town. If they won’t build it, we will still skate.”

In 2019, the Crummer/Case property near Malibu Bluffs Park was approved by City Council as the Temporary Skate Park’s location. They authorized staff to release a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the design of a 12,500 square-foot permanent skate park. The permanent project will be on the east portion of the same area. On February 24, the City Council approved the final design and concept for the Temporary Skate Park. The skate park will be located in the west portion of the area. The city plans to open the Permanent Skate Park in mid-2022.

Upcoming skate park meetings and other information is posted on the city’s website. Please visit for the latest updates.