WEST HOLLYWOOD—The website of a furniture store in West Hollywood was hacked on Sunday, March 15 by a group alleging to be ISIS.

KABC 7 Television reported that Olga Rechdouni, the owner of the store, was terrified when she discovered that her website, duroque.com, was hacked by ISIS who has been responsible for the deaths of several Americans in recent months. The group released graphics videos of beheadings of some of its victims.

The front page of the website contained the following note: “Hacked by Islamic State (ISIS). We are everywhere. :)”  There have been reports of similar hacks on other small companies in Ohio, Montana, Pennsylvania and several other states.

The company’s website was back to normal after being fixed late Sunday night. The FBI released the following statement: “We’re aware of these reported intrusions here and elsewhere but we’re not commenting on specific cases under review. Anyone who is victimized with a similar intrusion should contact the FBI.”