HOLLYWOOD—This really has to be one of the worst and obvious secrets I could spot a million miles away on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” If Luna turns out to NOT be Bill Spencer’s long-lost daughter, I will be flabbergasted because it will literally be the best twist I did not see coming. However, I doubt the writers are that clever at “B&B” because they seem to recycle the same storyline over and over and over and over again.

Bill and Poppy, Li’s sister (we’ll talk more about her later) reconnected after a night at a music festival. Bill remembered her, Poppy remembered him. Their chemistry is indeed sizzling, but it is so apparent that Poppy is keeping a massive secret, because the elephant in the room has not been addressed; who is Luna’s father? Luna doesn’t know, Bill doesn’t know, but you know who knows, POPPY!

She even told Bill that Luna’s father isn’t aware that Luna is his. So, we have a situation of a woman keeping the paternity of her child from the father. What could be those reasons? I’m sure we will discover that over time. However, RJ started to connect some dots and just blurted it out; what if Bill Spencer is Luna’s father? Why could Luna see that, and her boyfriend had to spell it out for her? You’re asking the wrong person; it just feels a bit like lazy writing to be honest.

Luna decided to confront her mother and ask the question we all want to know, and Poppy totally dodged the question, which is a cue for, YEAH BILL SPENCER IS THE FATHER! Why is this problematic we have seen this tale told more than once already. It has actually happened TWICE to Dollar Bill. First with Liam, and it was done quite exceptionally. A few years later, it was done again with Wyatt. I guess the women in Bill’s life think he’s just not father material. The only child he actually got a chance to raise from birth was Will with his former wife, Katie. Now, Bill is about to have a fourth child, his third he knew nothing about in Luna.

Will this change the dynamic between Poppy and Bill? Absolutely, but we shall see, February Sweeps are here and I’m certain this is the tale that will be unveiled. With that said, Thomas is truly odd. His undying commitment to Hope Logan is scary and if his confession about Emma’s death doesn’t worry Hope I have no clue what will. Brooke can’t get through to her, Steffy is not making any leeway, and neither is Liam. I know the writers didn’t just bring Xander Avant back to the soap to drop that tidbit of information for a slight hiccup before he just vanishes into thin air.

Ridge learned this week that Thomas proposed marriage to Hope, which had him concerned, but not as much as Brooke and Steffy who see the situation as a disaster waiting to happen. I mean it was just less than six months ago that Hope was hoping to repair her marriage with Liam after he spotted her kiss with Thomas. There is no way she is ready to marry this guy. She’s conflicted and if she was just honest with herself, I’d respect the situation even more. This guy stalked you, manipulated you, and he kept your biological daughter from you for over a year! That is serious trauma, I know understand why Liam pulled the trigger on his marriage to Hope, that is not something you just forgive and forget.

As I noted before, Hope will accept Thomas proposal, and something will happen just as the two are expected to walk down the aisle and all hell will erupt. Do I want to see it? Absolutely, because Thomas is a villain, no matter how much the writers attempt to reshape the character to be a sort of anti-hero. This may also be the catalyst for Liam to crossover to the dark side. I could see Liam vying for full custody of Beth because of this move and guess what, he’d have one hell of a case and with Bill’s money and power backing him up, I don’t see how Liam loses this battle. Is it cruel to Hope? Yes, but Liam is thinking long-term about protecting his daughter from an unstable man.