HOLLYWOOD—Thank you to the writers from “General Hospital” who finally blew up the storyline involving Sonny being Mike. Why? Well Jax connected some clever dots after Josslyn chatted with him about a particular sauce she crafted for their dinner date. She alluded to Sonny and it caused Jax to a flashback when he was shot in Nixon Falls and remembering to see Sonny.

So what does Jax do, he confronts Nina in Nixon falls and is aghast with the fact that Sonny is very much alive and Nina has been lying for months about his survival. Jax was not pleased and tried to job Sonny’s memory about his past life and giving details about his name and his life in Port Charles. He did everything in his power to try to reason with Nina who was hoping Jax would keep the secret. C’mon Nina, Jax has a daughter with Carly, do you think he would NOT spill the truth. Not a chance and he made it clear Nina needed to disclose the truth or he would.

Nina’s world is about to explode people and I’m glad to see this. This all culminates as Jason and Carly plan to walk down the aisle. The crazy thing is NO ONE knows they’re only doing this to put on a face with the five families. They are not really in love, but that changed with a kiss people, and it’s apparent both of them have had these feelings for a very long time and things are about to get so messy with the truth about Sonny certain to come out people.

The big wedding for Carly and Sonny kicked off this week and it had plenty of drama people. Members of the Five Families were planning to strike at the big wedding day and mayhem was headed Jason and Carly’s way they did not expect. The audience was tipped off of the danger with the return of Cyrus Renault who wanted to exact vengeance on his foes. Jax was hoping Nina spilled the truth to Mike before Jason and Carly tied the knot, but an unexpected hiccup transpired with the arrival of Peter August.

Peter was determined to stop Nina, but Nina was able to get the attention of Phyllis who knew something was wrong and pulled a gun on Peter who had a gun drawn on Nina. Things were not looking good for Phyllis and Nina, but Nina managed to contact Valentin and send out an SOS that he deciphered and with Anna by his side the duo rushed to Nixon Falls.

Another twist I did not see coming was that Liesl Obrecht captor is NONE other than Victor Cassadine. However, he is portrayed by another face, actor Charles Shaughnessy. I would have loved to see Thaao back in the villainous role, but whatever. The question remains why is he holding Liesl hostage, and what could his connection be to Drew Cain people? However, does this mean Victor is working with Peter and if so, what does Victor get out of Peter? Its apparent he wanted Liesl, but there has to be more here people right.

In other Port Charles news, Spencer is still juggling the fact that he is in too deep with Esme. He wants to confess the truth, but he knows he has dug himself into a hole, one that he cannot get out of. Esme teased that she was adopted and does come from family and I started to speculate something interesting that I had NOT THOUGHT OF. What if Esme is Ava’s long lost daughter and this explains her reasoning for wanting to align with Spencer to keep Nikolas and Ava apart. It would explain her motive for wanting to work with Spencer and her interest in Ryan Chamberlain to punish her mother (if that is to be true) for not raising her.

Spencer may have done a good job covering his tracks, but it seems Josslyn might know he is up to know good now that Trina revealed he was posing as Victor and keep his appearance secret in town for quite some time. Come on Joss you are so close to the big truth.

Oh, how about that bomb that Trina dropped to Jordan who she assumed was unconscious by revealing the truth about Trina’s father. So that mean’s it’s not Taggert, which makes that theory that Curtis might be Trina’s real father is about to come to light people. There had always been that notion Curtis might be Trina’s father and it looks like the writers have dropped that clue that could prove to be right. Also what the hell with “GH” giving that lackluster exit to Jordan Ashford aka here portrayer Brianna Nicole Henry? The way some soaps just usher characters off the soap is terrible.

So Peter’s plan to neutralize Nina was to set the Tan-O on fire and add to his murderous rampage by taking out Nina and Phyllis. Phyllis was not pleased to learn that Nina knew about Mike’s identity and kept it secret, but Mike aka Sonny showed up as the fire intensified and it was a key sign that his memory might come flooding back. As a result, the writers are absolutely going for a murder mystery involving Peter August. His list of victims has continued to grow and I know by November sweeps things will culminate with an epic death and with Drew Cain trying to escape his prison, which seems to have Victor’s fingerprints all over it things are indeed getting more interesting by the hour.