UNITED STATES−Former Vice President and Democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden, and Political activist, Freedom Fighter, and former quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, Colin Kaepernick have made donations to the Minnesota Freedom Fund on Friday, May 29 to provide bail and legal counsel for the rioters who looted, protested, fought, and burned buildings in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

News reports indicate that Joe Biden and over a dozen of his campaign staff donated to the Minneapolis Freedom Fund. Biden staff reportedly posted their donation on Twitter.

Freedom Fighters

The rioting and protests were in retaliation for the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer who was immediately removed from the police force along with three other officers.  The incident is still reportedly under investigation.

Riots in Minneapolis went on for five nights and more riots and protests erupted in other cities across the U.S. Minneapolis was one of many cities that put 8:00 p.m. curfews into place. The Army National Guard was called in to assist. Police and guardsman began arresting protesters and gain control of the crowd.

Joe Biden Discusses Donald Trump and the Unfolding Events in Minnesota

You can't defeat bigotry; it only hides. And when leaders give it oxygen — as Donald Trump has done — it comes roaring back. We all have a moral obligation to stand up, speak out, and hold people accountable.

Posted by Joe Biden on Saturday, May 30, 2020

Other individuals and groups boasted on social media about their donations to fund the rioters who have been publicly called part of the hate group, Antifa, which means anti-fascist.

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News reports indicate that the Minneapolis Freedom Fund collected $20 Million.

An internet web site called, “Changing America” lists celebrities who have donated, some of which we’re doing a follow me for matching donations. A brief list of donors includes; Lincoln Michel, Steve Carell, Ben Schwartz, Janelle Monáe, Cindi Mayweather, Jameela Jamil, Patton Oswalt, Seth Rogan, Cynthia Nixon, and more.



Canyon-News reached out to Matthew Lewis, the organizer of the Go Fund Me campaign for Minneapolis Freedom Fund for a new total of donations and a statement, but have not heard back in time for print.