HOLLYWOOD—When was the last time you saw a movie that might be so bad it’s actually quite good? Yeah, it doesn’t happen often, but you can add another B-movie to that list, “John Wick.” The action-flick starring Keanu Reeves is about one thing and one thing only: revenge. Yeah, think “Kill Bill,” but with a lot more fun.

While a lot might think Reeves is the only notable name in the movie, they’d be wrong as Willem Dafoe, Dean Winters, Adrianne Palicki, Bridget Moynahan and John Leguizamo are also apart of the cast. The story revolves around Wick (Reeves) who has resorted to a peaceful life in the midst of carrying for his wife, Helen (Moynahan) who is battling cancer.

His wife who eventually succumbs to her illness leaves John with a puppy and a message to cope in his time of grief, but that all turns upside down when a couple of punks share some words with Wick that results in a bloodbath.

What our perpetrators fail to realize is that they have just awakened one of the best assassin’s in the business and he is out for revenge at all costs; even if that means he has to take on his former boss Viggo (Michael Nyqvist). The former boss attempts to call a truce, it doesn’t end well and becomes a cat and mouse game between Wick and his enemies to get the upper hand.

The fun of “John Wick” is the audience never knows precisely who Wick can trust. In our eyes, he is the definitive good guy, while everyone else is questionable. Those who appear to be allies might actually have ulterior motives and the audience never knows till the moment transpires.

This reminds me of so many flicks where the protagonists seems to be against everyone in the world. Writer Derek Kolstad does a fascinating job at creating such a frenetic pace for the movie that is an adrenaline rush for the audience from start to finish. Director Chad Stahelski stages the action with such scenery and choreographed fight sequences that action lovers will adore.

“John Wick” was a movie I walked into the theater with little to no expectations at all; honestly I thought the movie was going to be a complete flop and disaster because when the last time Reeves did a movie that was fascinated fans so much since “The Matrix?” Yeah, it’s been awhile. This movie might be the most fun I’ve had with an action-flick in weeks.

The narrative is straight-forward; its not complicated, we have a hero who is fighting for what is right, even though the odds may be stacked against him, he finds a way to eek out of dicey situations and gain the upper hand.

I didn’t just like this movie, I loved it. It’s full of gunfire, blood, violence, witty dialogue and fights that everyone will enjoy.