SANTA MONICA—The Edgemar Theatre in Santa Monica is proud to announce another extension of Henry Jaglom’s “Just 45 Minutes From Broadway.” Tanna Frederick, who portrays Panda in the hilariously funny play, has only improved on virtual perfection since the play’s debut last fall. Julie Davis, whose film “Finding Bliss” makes its ways to theaters in Los Angeles and New York next month, will remain in the role of Betsy. Handsome leading man David Garver continues as Jimmy, Jack Heller as George, authentic performer David Proval as Larry and Harriet Schock as Sally. The talented and beautiful Diane Louise Salinger unfortunately departs the role of Vivien Cooper, due to previous commitments to work on several major projects. While Salinger unfortunately has to leave the role, her replacement is none other than award-winning actress Karen Black.

“Karen has been rehearsing and we are having a great time. Diane was amazing and awesome in the role and we will miss her, but Karen has her own style and she’s going to blow everyone away,” said Frederick in a recent interview. Black recently told Canyon News, “I have always loved the stage. That’s where I started in my career. Back then, I had no clue that I’d ever be doing films or TV. I saw myself as a stage actress from the very beginning.” Back to her roots is the best description for the sublimely talented and beautiful raven haired thespian. Black and Jaglom have a vast and rich history. Karen’s starred in many of Henry Jaglom’s most acclaimed films. When Canyon News interviewed Black recently, she commented on her admiration of soon to be “Broadway” co-star Tanna Frederick. “Tanna’s a lot like me when I was younger. She is a great actress and I enjoy all of her performances so much. She’s a genuine actress in every role she plays.”

The mutual admiration and talent will be center stage at the historic Edgemar Theatre on Friday, May 21, when Karen Black makes her debut in “Just 45 Minutes From Broadway.” Critics have lauded Karen’s talents as an actress for decades. However, this is a role the actress is very excited to become a part of. Harriet Schock tells Canyon News, “Karen is beautiful, she adds a dimension to the role and the character that we are all excited about. Diane was wonderful as well. It’s great to have Karen replace Diane since she’s unable to continue. We’ll miss Diane and we welcome Karen.”

In addition to working with Jaglom in the past, Black has worked with other legends in the industry and is reveling in her return to the stage. “It’s home. Simply put, it’s returning home,” said the actress.

Previous fans who have attended the play are even more excited now about attending upcoming performances to see Karen Black’s debut in the role. “Tanna Frederick and Karen Black on the same stage? Wow, that’s something I intend to see for sure,” said Daniel Johnston, who lives in Malibu. “I can’t wait to see those two ladies perform together. Though Karen looks far too young to be Tanna’s mom in the play, I am sure by the end of the performance we’ll all believe it; we’ll be saying they are a great mother, daughter team on stage.”

WHAT: “Just 45 Minutes From Broadway”

WHO: Written by Henry Jaglom. Directed by Gary Imhoff. Also starring Julie Davis, David Garver, Jack Heller, David Proval and Harriet Schock. Produced by Alexandra Guarnieri. Presented by The Rainbow Theatre Company.

WHERE: Edgemar Center For the Arts, on the Main Stage, 2437 Main Street, Santa Monica, Calif. 90405. Parking is available (fee charged) in an on-site structure, and metered parking is available in nearby Lot 11, across the street from Peet’s Coffee.

WHEN: Friday, May 21, is Karen Black’s debut


PHONE: 310-392-7327


Photographs Courtesy: Karen Black – from her collection and Tanna Frederick by Lesley Bohm with design by Sherilynn