CALIFORNIA–Los Angeles opened the largest COVID-19 testing site on Tuesday, May 26 at Dodger Stadium. This new testing facility is the largest one in California and is able to test 6,000 people per day.

“We’re excited to do this because this builds on the work we’ve been doing for the past weeks and months. We want testing to be easy, accessible, and free for everybody here in Los Angeles. We don’t want you to have to wait in long lines,” said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti during the speech at the stadium. “As I often say, we are in this all together.”

Garcetti said that the steps on testing move it closer to reopening up the economy, to re-embracing the spaces that everyone misses, to flattering the curve, and pushing it downward. “It is our goal in the coming weeks,” said Garcetti.

The City of Los Angeles is in partnership with the Dodgers, the Los Angeles Fire Department, and the nonprofit Community Organized Relief Effort, a global response organization.

“We’re going to be able to test 6,000 people a day which means in one week, we’re going to be able to test more than we had in the ten weeks that came before. I’m very proud of that,” said Stan Kasten, the CEO of Dodgers. “Everyone please takes advantage. Get yourself tested. As the mayor said, this is how we come back. This is how we get back to normal.”

With or without symptoms, testing is free and available to everyone. If you want to get a free test, please sign up at