SHERMAN OAKS—January 17, 2024, marked 30 years since the 6.7 magnitude earthquake that occurred in Northridge that left 57 people dead and caused major damage to buildings, businesses and freeways in the San Fernando Valley region.

The Los Angeles Fire Department posted on its Facebook Page that firefighters and media gathered at Fire Station 88 in Sherman Oaks on January 17, 2024 to remember the Northridge Earthquake, demonstrate the new tools and techniques the LAFD are using 30 years after (at “Disaster City” Urban Search and Rescue training area behind the fire station), and update residents to increase their preparedness before the next “Big One.”

At 4:31 a.m., on January 17, 1994, Los Angeles suffered a 6.7 Magnitude earthquake, centered in Northridge. The quake caused significant damage and losses were seen throughout Southern California, with fallen bridges, fires, flooding, buildings collapsed, and highways and more.

“First Responders worked to dig the city out of the rubble, but it wasn’t just us…. Residents, neighbors, and businesses all came together to show the resilience of Los Angeles,” said the LAFD.

The Fire Department is aiming to ensure Los Angelenos are prepared for the next big earthquake when it happens. Individuals are being asked to be proactive as it unknown when the next big earthquake may strike.

People are expected to know the risks and create a plan for their family or household which includes an emergency kit and to learn how to stay informed during an emergency situation.

“Your #LAFD also has programs and resources to help, and offers free classes to join our Community Emergency Response Team (#CERT) to help our communities prepare for and respond to the next crisis. Visit for more information,” the LAFD stated in the post.