UNITED STATES—I believe laughter is good for the soul. When you’re having a bad day, nothing brightens the mood more than having a good hearty laugh. Rather that laugh is coming from a movie, TV show, a comedian, or a family member who just has the ability to make one laugh. At least once a week, I indulge in a laugh lest that just lifts my spirits to the highest places and allow me to decompress in a way that nothing else is capable of doing if you want me to be honest.

I think the thing about laughter is that you FEEL it in your bones, you feel it in your chest, you feel it in your stomach, you feel it in your face, and you feel laughter throughout your entire body. For a few weeks now, I have been catching reruns of the hit USA series “Chrisley Knows Best” and this series has to be the funniest thing I have ever seen on TV. I am not joking when I say this, I cannot recall the last time that I’ve watched a comedy where I have bust out laughing and I’m the only person watching the series.

The hijinks of Todd Chrisley and his family leaves you wanting more and more because the laughs are endless and I mean it endless. You can watch one episode after another and you will be thoroughly entertained throughout the entire process America.  Just the other day, I was laughing so hard watching one of the episodes that I couldn’t catch my breath because each time I would stop laughing, another laugh would erupt and I couldn’t contain myself.

That is what you call entertainment people. Could it be that this family is REAL and doesn’t hide or sugarcoat anything? Perhaps, could it be reality TV at its best? Possibly, I don’t know the real answer, but all I can say is this series entertains me to the core and I love and I mean love every single moment I sit down and watch an episode.

This brings me back to our topic on laughter because with 2020 being the horrid year that it was, for 2021 we need a ton more laughs in our life. Why? It lifts the levity of the bad that we’ve endured. It also makes us realize some of the things that we sometimes take too seriously are not as serious. It is not the end of the world even though we might suspect sometimes that it is. Life is unpredictable and sometimes you just have to laugh off someone’s annoying comment or lack of subtlety.

Laughter is also good because it teaches kids at an early age the importance of being able to not sweat the small stuff. Everything in life doesn’t have to be taken so serious all the time, and unfortunately so many of us get caught up in our own drama and issues we don’t realize it. There are easy fixes to a lot of the problems we have and if we don’t know how to fix it right away, guess what, you will ultimately find a solution to the problem staring you in the face. Laugh it off, think about something beyond the problem staring you in the face.