UNITED STATES─Since I’ve started working I have never been a fan of people who are lazy. I know I should not care about what others do on the job, but when I have to work with you, to see you and to be in your presence when I’m working my tail off I have a major problem. I know that should be something the boss should address. Well, there is the problem; a lot of the bosses don’t care what happens. I remember my very first job at a grocery store, where I was so happy to have a job and then to be surrounded by a bunch of morons or lazy teens, who management just let run amuck.

It frustrated the hell out of me because I’m busting my a**, while these people are doing nothing, yet they’re going to get paid. That annoys me more than anything when a company just tosses money down the drain with people who are supposed to be ‘working,’ but are barely lifting a finger. Don’t expect me to smile in your face, don’t expect me to be buddy buddy with you. Do you really want to know how I feel? I cannot stand the sight of you, you’re disgusting to look at , you’re a waste of space and should be replaced with someone who actually works.

That is the problem so many companies face, they choose to hire and keep on staff members who do nothing, leaving others who are already working hard, to have to work harder to pick up the slack from those useless employees. I’ve worked in sales, and sales is all about motivation and drive. If you don’t have anyone, you don’t get paid. I sometimes understand why some companies focus on the commission based pay, because it actually forces people to work and not mess around. The one thing that I have discovered is that when you start messing with people’s money than it opens their eyes.

How the hell can you expect a raise when you’re generating no revenue? Do you honestly think you deserve a raise where you’re sitting at a desk you’re supposed to be generating revenue, but you don’t’ get a single order during an 8-hour shift, not to mention you didn’t do anything that you were asked to do. My skin is just boiling thinking about it. That’s one of the reasons, I keep my work life and professional life completely separate. I’m not at work to make friends, I’m here to make money so that I can provide for myself and my family. I don’t need someone I don’t know or quite frankly I don’t like all up in my business wondering where I live, what I do and all these other details.

If you’re looking for a new friend, point yourself in the other direction because I’m not the least bit entertained. This is where bosses have to take a more forced approach to dealing with lazy employees. Call them out, make them aware that their performance sucks, especially when you have staff on board who deliver hours upon hours of their time where they’re not on the clock, but still doing things to help a company’s success.

This is one of the reasons so many companies lose great employees. People get so frustrated with having to deal those lazy co-workers that they just throw their hands up and look for something else. A lot of the time, they just decide to start up their own business, so their energy is not focused on those they dislike. Yes, that is energy that can be directed elsewhere, but sometimes your emotions get the best of you and you can’t help, but focus on those who relish on receiving the fruits from your hard labor, not theirs. Tell me, what is fair in life about that? Nothing, and that is what makes things so sad.

This is why the government giving that extra $600 for unemployment since April was not a great idea because it just ushers in more laziness for people. Who would want to go back to work if they’re making more money off of unemployment than actually going to work itself? No one would it’s a complete no brainer America and there is nothing you cannot change in relation with it. I mean I know people who have distinctly told me they have no intention of going back to work anytime soon because they see no benefit at the current moment. Look at it this way, that extra $600 is short-lived; it will not last that much people. Find purpose in life America, find some way to do something that brings you joy or just makes you eager to move your body, accelerate your brain or to stay busy. Life is way too short to be lazy, so guess what: stop being lazy!

Written By Zoe Mitchell