HOLLYWOOD—This week’s Leading Ladies gold standard goes to two beautiful actresses who showed viewers the side of themselves we’ve grown to love and enjoy. Lesli Kay, who portrays Felicia Forrester on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful,” returned to her “B&B” roots with such gusto, while Eileen Davidson, who stars on CBS’s number-one daytime drama “The Young and the Restless” as Ashley Abbott, showed us what we have missed about the beloved heroine. Kay’s highly dramatic storyline involving Felicia’s mother being diagnosed with lung cancer, reminded us why she’s so respected by her peers as an actress. Davidson’s ability to play the woman who is always the last to know about a cheating spouse was also exciting to watch.

Fans exclaimed pure joy that Lesli returned on Monday to “B&B.” Sherman Oaks resident Wendy said, “Tommy, I’m so happy your friend and ”˜ATWT’ costar Lesli Kay has returned as Felicia Forrester. With Stephanie battling cancer, and Felicia being a cancer survivor, this storyline is really exciting to watch.” Excitement was in the air and the energy was crackling. Though Kay played it in the supporting realm, it didn’t shadow her eloquence as an actress, and having Felicia find out that her tough and domineering mother may be dying was poignant.

Felicia survived colon cancer by the pure iron-will of her mother, Stephanie. Lesli is such a beautiful woman, who is so generously talented, and she does her best work when Bradley Bell is writing for her character. Felicia’s shock that her mother could be knocked down by cancer, but not by a freight train was palpable to watch. When Felicia finally saw her mother post-surgery, it was heartbreaking. “I gave my mother all of those gray hairs in her head,” said Felicia. While viewers think her portrayer gives us so much joy. Thanks to Brad for bringing in Stephanie’s one child who can will her to survive this dreadful disease.

Eileen Davidson is a superb actress, who is best when Ashley’s foolishly in love. From terrible Tom Fisher to Victor Newman, Ashley’s always picked the wrong guy. This time her over-publicized daughter Abby figures out that her mom’s new boyfriend Tucker is having an affair with Diane Jenkins, a woman who had better watch her step when she crosses Ms. Abbott.

Davidson’s reaction, when Ashley confronted a cheating and lying Tucker, was priceless. She played it brilliantly. Though Ashley took Tucker, a man she is in love with, at his word. There was also a gleam of doubt in the character’s eyes. Ashley is the smartest lady in Genoa City for a reason. Davidson is one of the most talented women on “Y&R.” Maria Bell is also one of the most brilliant and talented of producers and writers.

Look out viewers. When Felicia returns, can trouble be far behind? Why has she been visiting her sister Kristen in balmy Florida? As for Ashley, look out Diane and Tucker, when the beauty figures out you are both liars.

“Y&R” and “B&B” both air weekdays on CBS.

Photographs are Courtesy: Lesli Kay and Eileen Davidson by Gilles Toucas, Bell Phillip Television Productions