HOLLYWOOD—This week the two leading male performances that were exceptional for viewers include Ronn Moss, who portrays Ridge Forrester on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” and Stephen Nichols, who portrays Tucker McCall on “The Young and the Restless.” Both men had the opportunity to see things differently from what their characters normally deal with. Moss’s character Ridge learned his mother may be dying and also that his son may be getting into trouble. While, Nichols’s character Tucker lied to the woman he loves and had sex with one of her longtime enemies. Both men played it with no hesitation and came across as very strong and exciting heroes.

Ronn Moss has done it all on “B&B.” However, this week, the one person Ridge could always count on was lying in a hospital bed barely able to breathe. Ridge is Stephanie’s eldest and favorite child. For years, he’s wanted his mother to accept his love for Brooke, but never did he want her to be forced into it by ill health. When Ridge found out that his beloved mother and constant protector could be dying, he was crestfallen. He talked to his dad about the possibility of losing the one who is constant in their lives. It was heartbreaking to see Ridge in emotional pain, but it was very moving to see Ronn Moss play it.

Then by week’s end, Ridge was becoming concerned about his son Thomas working so closely with his wife, Brooke. Ridge knows that Brooke is constantly in a scandal because she doesn’t think before she acts, and he also was warned by his ex-wife and Thomas’s mother Taylor, to keep his eyes on the new co-workers.

On Monday, windows blew out of the building, storm winds knocked out power and two illicit lovers were caught just moments after having mad sex with each other. That all happened in one scene, as the tornado hit Genoa City, but Tornado Diane hit billionaire Tucker with a major seduction. Immediately after making love to Diane, he told her to forget it ever happened, then Tucker had to contend with his girlfriend’s meddling daughter, Abby, who caught on to more than meets the eyes of most observers. Then Tucker had to lie to Ashley when she decided to confront him and Diane about her daughter’s suspicions.

Stephen Nichols hasn’t had this much to do since joining “Y&R.” However, Maria Bell is pulling out all stops to make sure Tucker is a man we won’t soon forget. Stephen Nichols’s performance was unforgettable. Looks like we need more bad weather in Genoa City. Just think, winter has yet to arrive.

“Y&R” and “B&B” both air weekdays on CBS.

Photographs are Courtesy: Ronn Moss by Gilles Toucas, Bell Phillip TV Productions and Stephen Nichols by JPI Studios©