MALIBU—Legacy Park was chosen by The American Society of Civil Engineers ASCE Region 9 Project of the year. Legacy Park was selected from 36 other eligible projects throughout ASCE Region 9 that consisted of the entire state of California and it is one of the largest in the United States. Legacy Park will be submitted as the ASCE National Project of the year as well.

In a statement released by Mayor Laura Rosenthal, she noted how this award benefits the city. “The creation of Legacy Park is one of the many ways the city has shown its dedication to helping create a cleaner environment and protecting the health of our nearly 13,000 residents and the approximately 15 million visitors who explore Malibu’s mountains and shores annually,” said Rosenthal.

“We thank the American Society of Civil Engineers for recognizing our commitment to environmental stewardship and our leadership in innovative construction,” added Rosenthal

The Legacy Park Project of the year award promotes the city’s initiative on construction and promotes sustainability and use of advanced technology and materials.

Legacy Park is a centerpiece of the city’s $50 million commitment to improving ocean water quality. The newly created $35 million state-of-the-art project has transformed 15 acres in the city as one of the most ambitious and innovative stormwater and urban runoff projects in California. The park itself helps as an environmental cleaning source that captures close to 2.6 million gallons per day of storm water and urban runoff.

The park also offers a living learning center, informational kiosks, an outdoor classroom, a cultural center and many other features that provide information and education.

ASCE Region 9 Governor and Awards Committee Chair Kathy Haynes, P.E., stated in a news release that the park shows original ideas and forward thinking. “Legacy Park is an innovative example of incorporating sustainability and using forward thinking in a project that improves water quality at an adjacent creek, lagoon, and beaches. Also the park is providing habitat and educational opportunities,” added Haynes.

The City of Malibu will be presented with the award at the American Society of Civil Engineers award dinner on February 28 in Sacramento.