UNITED STATES—Why is it as Americans some of us are so stressed to the core about things that we should re-evaluate? It is a question we seriously need to ask ourselves because stress is a huge killer for many Americans. The stressors that we have to manage and navigate get to the point where it impacts our health on both a physical and mental level that many of us are just a heart attack or stroke away.

Guess what America that is not good news. Stress can lead to high blood pressure that high blood pressure can lead to the constriction of blood flow that can ultimately lead to strokes and heart attacks people. Here is the thing, some of our stressors we can control to a degree, but there are other stressors that are NOT that easy to escape. For example, there is environmental stress, where you might have to deal with pollutants in the air based on where you live, there is also environmental stress caused by a crime. If you live in heavily riddled areas where crime is running rampant, that is something that will leave you stressed people.

However, the big stressor I’m seeing so many people grapple with including myself is work. Work is stressful and I wish I was one of the many Americans who could say I have a job I get up and go to each day and I absolutely love it. I cannot utter those words, for me it is simply a job. An opportunity for me to collect a paycheck people and I’m tired already. I am seriously at my wits end America and that is something I did not think I would ever say.

Why? I think no matter what I do, it is never enough, putting in time off the clock, working all sorts of hours a day, having to be inundated with emails or text messages all hours and times during the day. Like when the hell am I supposed to have time to myself? You don’t send a text message to someone if you don’t expect them to respond back; it’s just that damn simple people and anyone saying otherwise are lying.

It is getting to the point that I have to turn off my phone so that I can have a piece of solace which is unfortunate because in the world we live in today, we’re so consumed by technology, that we are afraid if we don’t have our phone on we’ll miss a vital call or text message, but I’m coming to the realization if its vital guess what, they will find a way to reach me. I have a landline, so if it’s urgent, I can be reached, ptherwise, it’s not an emergency America.

So many people at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic after losing their jobs and having to re-direct their career path decided to find work elsewhere in an industry that was completely new to them or even more daunting becoming entrepreneurs and starting their own business. So many people just shared stories about the frustration of constantly having to answer to someone else, loading their pockets and making them rich and thought, hell, it is time for me to do my own thing.

That is where I’m at in my career right now America. I am tired of answering to other people; I’m tired of having sleepless nights stressing about things that I should not stress about; I’m tired of having to be the go-to person everyone turns to when things go wrong; I’m tired of working and not being properly paid; simply put American I AM TIRED! I know I am NOT the only person who feels this way, about having to come to grips with the stressors in my life and making decisions on how to combat the stress or to let things go and have more clarity on what I want in life and what needs to be done to have those ideas and goals come to fruition.

Stress is part of life; we have to navigate it one way or another. However, the thing about stress is that there are some things that we let stress us out, when we can simply let those things go and focus on other things a bit more fulfilling. The question you have to ask is rather you’re willing to make it happen. It might be scary, but sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith and let things fall how they fall.

Written By Zoe Mitchell