HOLLYWOOD—Talk about being a hypocrite America, I’m referring to Liam Spencer from “The Bold and the Beautiful.” I was kind of hoping the writers would not travel this route, but here we are. Hope after fighting temptation for weeks, gave in while in Italy kissing Thomas passionately. There was just one major problem: she didn’t know Liam witnessed the entire scene. To say he was devastated and heartbroken would be an understatement.

I totally get it. Thomas is Liam’s mortal enemy; this guy has done devious things to get his fangs into Hope and it seems like it finally worked people. However, I think Hope just needed a release and now that it has happened she regrets it, but it is too little too late. Scott Clifton did phenomenal work in that scene where he confronted Hope. Could definitely be Emmy worthy! After that explosive fight Liam asked for a divorce. Wait, what?!

Liam you cheated on Hope with Steffy, you slept with her while married to Hope and almost got her pregnant, and guess what: Hope forgave you. Should she have? No, considering you’ve cheated on her so many times with Steffy it screams pot calling the kettle. Hope called Liam out on that and he made it seem like it was no big deal. No Liam, it was a big deal, it was a really big deal and he should have at least acknowledged and considered that.

Nope, he was so enraged, he couldn’t believe it. Yes, the kiss was bad, but at least Hope didn’t sleep with Thomas. That was a line that was not crossed. However, Liam moved out of the cabin and now the fallout is beginning and it’s big. Brooke was flabbergasted by the reveal, Wyatt couldn’t believe his brother was throwing the towel in so easily, and then comes Steffy.

It seems like Steffy is always Liam’s Achilles heel. When trouble arises he resorts to her like a little child. What is the problem there? Steffy has a family of her own and she is married? Liam kissed Steffy unexpectedly in Rome and then did it again after declaring his marriage is over. Steffy you are a MARRIED WOMAN! How do you think Finn will feel when he discovers Liam kissed you not once, but twice, and you kept it secret! Steffy warned Liam he cannot kiss her anymore as she’s married, HAPPILY MARRIED, but you haven’t told your husband Finn yet what occurred?

This is screaming the slept scandal all over again, where Finn stood by Steffy’s side, but I don’t know about this one, it’s going to make Finn question if Steffy is indeed his destiny and could give Sheila the opening she needs to pry her son away from Steffy if she happens to come across this information people.

Quick question why is RJ Forrester back? I thought the return of the character was to create drama and that feels like the last thing we are seeing people. He is just there. If the writers have no plans for the character, they might as well ship him back overseas. I thought he was brought back to create drama with Thomas and become a possible top tier designer at Forrester. That has not happened yet, but it looks like it might be in the works now that he knows his sister’s marriage is over and his half-brother Thomas is the reason. Yeah, that is just so complicated I don’t want to even go there.

The Brooke, Taylor and Ridge love triangle appears to have an end game and Taylor ain’t part of it. Ridge and Brooke reunited while in Italy and broke the news to Taylor as they returned to Los Angeles. Taylor spoke her peace to Ridge and then to Brooke, but I don’t see where this goes because it looks like Taylor’s chance with Ridge is over and I see the writers (fingers crossed) focusing on finding her a new love interest: how about Bill Spencer? However, when I think about it, it seems that Bill is still wooing Katie. So forget that I even mentioned that.

Not really anything else for us to chat about because Liam and Hope’s marriage explosion is the big storyline front-and-center people and everything else is minute to that at the moment people. If Liam and Hope are dunzo, and Steffy is committed to Finn, where does that leave Liam? Will he get a new love interest, I guess time will tell “B&B,” but something tells me Hope will turn to Thomas, who will resist temptation leaving her to realize the mistake she has made when it comes to blowing up her family, maybe a little too late though.