LOS FELIZ—On Thursday, July 30, the Los Feliz Branch Library updated their weekly collection of DIY Quarantine crafts on Instagram with a new post. The new DIY project is a featured craft from “Emma Smith,” a mother of three who has had previous experience creating crafts before. The craft in question is a leaf luminary and has five required materials: small leaves, an empty plastic milk jug, contact paper, scissors and electric tea lights.

The official Instagram post features an in depth tutorial with eight steps. They feature  pictures so that participants who want to partake will have a visual element to follow and know whether their results look  similar to how they should appear.

The tradition of “Quarantine crafts” was originally one that was started in early June and has been hosted by the Silver Lake/Los Feliz Teens Leading Change, an initiative funded by the Library Foundation of Los Angeles. Their mission statement regarding this project is “to educate others (whether they’re adults or little kiddos) about recycling and bettering people’s waste management.”

The DIY Leaf Luminaries project is the ninth Quarantine crafts project, with more to come courtesy of the Teens Leading Change.