MALIBU—Malibu Farmers Market continues to serve the community during the COVID-19 pandemic while taking extensive measures to ensure that it complies with social distancing guidelines, as first reported by The Malibu Times on April 11.

The farmer’s market, located in the Malibu Library Parking Lot, is open every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. According to President and Co-Founder Debra Bianco, the products on offer include fish, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, dinners-to-go, exotic mushrooms, plenty of vegan food, and much more.

The market dabbled with a delivery service on one weekend, but it was put on hold to allow the ordering website to be further updated. In fact, Bianco is looking to hire someone to take the website “to a whole other plateau.” Those interested can contact

In terms of social distancing regulations, Bianco informed Canyon News that they “put up caution tape 6 feet in front of the booths all the way down the aisle so the customers can’t touch anything” and there are “at least 6-8 feet between each booth.” There is also a “70 feet long aisle down the middle of the market”.

She stated that she ensured all vendors were using masks even before it became mandatory to do so (they also wear gloves now), and customers are required to wear them too. A vendor sells masks for those who do not own any.

She added that “we make sure there’s no sampling,” which is typically a common practice in the market. “We made it mandatory that we have water dispensers in the middle of the aisle, 30 of them, with buckets underneath with paper towels and soap so customers can clean up while shopping.” These areas are known as hand-washing stations.

The Department of Health even recorded the market proceedings as an example of effective social distancing practices, at the same time that it shut down many other markets nationwide.

When asked if there have been any cases of vendors or customers disregarding the social distancing guidelines, Bianco admitted that there “occasionally” are. However, she added that most people “really appreciate” the protocol, and perhaps “3 out of all of them (the customers) that come might not want to wear masks, but the rest of them are so gracious and happy.”

Bianco informed Canyon News that people can drop their laundry off at the farmer’s market. There is a cleaner next door which has been deemed essential, and they’ll do the laundry and deliver it to the respective homes, which helps make Malibu Farmers Market a “one-stop shop” for any needs during the pandemic. Bianco claims that the cleaners “have the most amazing detergents and softeners.”

Anyone requiring further information can text Bianco herself at (310)-428-4262. Those interested in becoming vendors at the farmer’s market are encouraged to contact her too.

She ended the interview by reiterating how well-rounded the farmer’s market’s services are.

“If you have to go grocery shopping, you can get everything you need for the whole week. The Malibu Farmers Market is a safer place to shop.”