MALIBU— The Malibu City Council has unanimously approved an extension on their smoking ban, now making vaping, smoking, and e-cigarette use illegal in city parks and open spaces during a virtual June 22 city council meeting.

The smoking ban extends Malibu’s 2004 ban of smoking on the beach to a variety of new areas. The ordinance prohibits smoking in outdoor dining areas, public events, parks, open spaces, and beaches according to a council agenda report.

The ban also expands the definition of smoking to include vaping or use of e-cigarettes, defining smoking as, “inhaling, exhaling, or emitting of fumes, vapor or aerosol, in any manner or in any form, any lighted or activated pipe, cigar, cigarette, electronic smoking device, or other smoking product.”

For outdoor dining areas, smoking is prohibited in all public and private areas, including the public right of ways. Smoking within 20 feet of an outdoor dining area is also banned, except if simply passing by. All restaurants with outdoor dining areas must also place no smoking signs nearby.

For public events, smoking is only allowed at designated smoking areas. The ordinance details these as less than 50 square feet in size, having a smoker’s waste receptacle, and at least 20 feet away from any entrance, exit, or enclosed area.

Smoking at any beach, public park, or open space is illegal. However, smoking at parking lots or roadways adjacent to beaches is allowed. Included in the smoking ban at public parks is Malibu’s soon to be opened skate park, adjacent to the Malibu Bluffs Park.

Although the regulation was approved unanimously, it will not be formally adopted until a second reading on July 13.