STUDIO CITY—A man who police believe was responsible for driving an RV into a school bus with several children in it on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City was arrested Wednesday, January 8.

According to LAPD they responded after initial reports of possible gunshots fired. As police arrived, they discovered an RV parked in the middle of the street. Someone was standing near the RV claiming that someone was in the van armed with a weapon.

Police conducted a search of the RV and didn’t find anyone else inside. Officials determined that the man who made the claims was the suspect. He was placed under arrest on Ventura Boulevard and Vantage Avenue. Witnesses say that he appeared frail and told them that there were several individuals in the vehicle who were armed. Officials suspect that the man may be suffering from a mental illness or was under the influence. The road was partially closed during investigation. The suspects identity wasn’t revealed.

The RV was found with heavy front damage. Police suspect that the man ran into a car on Ventura Boulevard and Alcove Avenue, drove onto back parking lots, and collided into four separate vehicles. It is believed that the sound from the collisions created such a sound that the public assumed that they were gunshots. No injuries were reported.