LOS ANGELES—A man threatening to jump off the 101 freeway overpass, led to the California Highway Patrol and the Los Angeles Police Department to shut down the entire freeway before midnight on Monday, October 28. A man on the opposite side of the overpass fence, threatened to jump off.  

The Los Angeles Fire Department, CHP, and LAPD worked together to save the individual’s life. The LAFD requested an airbag to set up in the southbound lanes at the Hollywood Boulevard exit in case the individual decided to jump . Traffic was congested in both directions. 

The adult male, whose identity is still unknown, was seen on video standing over the other side of the freeway overpass fence, holding on as he issued threats to jump. The LAPD announced the individual was experiencing a behavioral emergency and worked to talk him down from the overpass. 

After about 10 hours later, the unidentified male was safely removed before 10 a.m. and placed into police custody. There were no reports of any injuries during the incident. Freeway lanes were reopened to the public after 10 a.m.