WEST HOLLYWOOD—Gilbert Durham, an 80-year old man who went missing on Saturday, May 2, has been found safe and healthy. Durham who suffers from dementia disappeared after last been seen driving his light blue Nissan Frontier near his home on the 7600 block of Beverly Blvd.

Gilbert Durham went missing in the West Hollywood area but was found in Pasadena.
Gilbert Durham went missing in the West Hollywood area, but was found in Pasadena.

Detective Carlton of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Missing Person’s Unit told Canyon News that Durham was found in Pasadena and had no record of being hurt or injured.

As the population grows older, it has become increasingly common for elderly individuals with dementia or Alzheimer’s to wander or go missing. Organizations like the Alzheimers Association offer services to family members of those with the disease; services such as Safe Return — a 24 hour alert program that includes an I.D. bracelet for people who go missing.

For more information regarding these options visit http://www.alz.org.