BUFFALO, NY-After being selected to compete in the 2014, Under-21 World Deaf Basketball Championships in Turkey, deaf athlete Crystle Marion needed to raise $3,000 for airfare and hotel expenses.

According to reports, after Mayor Byron Brown heard of Marion’s story, he decided to appeal to the public to help raise the $3,000 and grant Marion, her wish to compete in Turkey. Mayor Brown along with Erie Community College President Jack Quinn, encouraged and asked the public in a meeting were they donated the first $250.


Supporters of Crystle set up a fundraising page on gofundme.com to help her succeed in receiving the funds needed for her trip. With the help of Mayor Brown, ECC and the fundraising page, Marion will now be participating in Samsun, Turkey.


With her future participation in the World Deaf Basketball Championship, previous enrollment in St. Mary’s School for the Deaf, and current enrollment in Erie Community College, Marion hopes to further her education by attending the Rochester Institute of Technology and also play basketball for their school.