UNITED STATES─Summer is officially here, and with that said, we not only have the heat in full force, but a pesky little insect that I’ve hated since I was a kid: the mosquito. Mosquitos are annoying as hell, and it seems we haven’t talked about the creature known for causing a pandemic involving the West Nile Virus (not to the degree of COVID-19), but it was alarming. More so is the fact that these dangerous and annoying creatures, really make their presence known during the summer months, when the heat has reached its peak, its humid, and oh, if you’re in a region surrounded by water people.

I must have missed the memo that mosquitos are still very present and around because during a small family gathering, once the sun set, these creatures were out in full force. Of course, I know what you’re going to say, put on some OFF, light those candles with the scents that are to propel mosquitos? Yeah, all that sounds great, but in the end, if a mosquito wants to suck on your blood it’s going to happen unless you’re indoors and they haven’t invaded your home.

I knew something was wrong the moment it got dark, and then my skin started to itch a bit. I was scratching, but constantly popping my arms and my face. Why? Mosquitos were feasting on my skin and my blood and I was not a happy camper. I had this icky feeling for about an hour. So much to the point that I started to literally have bumps and bruises start to build on both of my arms. Long story, short, the following more I’m scratching my skin like crazy. I have all of these whelps on my skin. Of course, we’re told NOT to scratch a mosquito bite, but that is so much easier said than done. Once your body starts to irritate and itch, it’s just a common reflex to scratch, even if you want to do otherwise.

I mean the night before, I felt so dirty from all the mosquito bites and from being outdoors that I took a shower as SOON as I got home, and it felt great. All those mosquito bites or the mosquitos that were feasting on my skin, I wanted to wash them off my skin as soon as possible. I thought that would be the end of it, but I totally forgot, once a mosquito bites you rather it’s the face, arm, or leg or any other part of the body that is exposed, you better be prepared to suffer for a while.

This got me thinking, what in the hell are mosquitos actually good for? In other words, what purpose do they serve our society? Well the biggest is they provide food and pollination in the ecosystem. They lay their eggs in water, and as a result provide food for fish and other wildlife America. So as pesky as the insects can be, they do indeed serve a purpose. Rather we consider it important or not is another story. Pollination of flowers is also important for the environment, it boils down to a crucial question that I know I’m not the only person to ask: do we really need mosquitos?

I mean a vast majority spread diseases like malaria, Zika and a few others that are eye-openers to the public. I guess the biggest advice I can give is that if you don’t want to be bit by mosquitos during the nighttime hours, depending on the region that you live in dress appropriate, be sure to cover the skin, light candles, utilize products that sway the insects away, and perhaps the biggest of them all, be clear of large areas or regions of water. Why? Mosquitos thrive around water, and lay their eggs near and in water. So if you have puddles of water in your vicinity you only attract them that much more. Hate them or love them, mosquitos are here to stay America.

Written By Zoe Mitchell