SEATTLE — The Seattle Police Department arrested multiple individuals following protests in the city on Sunday, November 1. Demonstrators left properties damaged whilst marching through city streets. 

The group of protestors gathered and occupied all lanes of East Madison Street at 11th Avenue and began moving eastbound at around 1:21 a.m. — police advised drivers to use caution while driving through the area. 

While the group marched southbound on 13th Avenue, people in the group started breaking windows and set a small fire near East Cherry Street and 13th Avenue, according to Seattle police. There were additional reports of property damage as the group moved into Jefferson Street. 

At that point, police issued a dispersal order to the group — one arrest was made on Columbia Street while the group moved westbound. Police made a second arrest as protestors blocked traffic in the 1100 block of Pike Street. 

Walls painted during night of protest in Seattle (Photo: Seattle Police Department Twitter).

As protestors made their way into Broadway, Seattle police reported additional arrests. The group then returned to Cal Anderson Park, where officers remained for a period of time to monitor the area. Seattle police did not the exact number of arrests during the protest. 

The demonstration comes as Seattle police announced on Saturday, October 31, new changes in the department’s handling of demonstrations. Among other measures, Seattle police will “work to de-escalate whenever it is safe and feasible; improve means of conveying public safety messages to large crowds; and create new strategies to address individuals taking unlawful actions in otherwise lawful crowds.”

The department also emphasized certain actions that should be avoided, as they create the largest life-safety issue for people involved in the protest. Marching on freeways, blocking traffic, and throwing objects at any person or property pose great risk, according to police.