HOLLYWOOD─We have been waiting and the courtroom theatrics have kicked off in epic fashion “General Hospital.” At last, Michael and Nelle’s custody battle for Wiley aka Jonah is in full effect and whew, I don’t even know how to describe what transpired except it was some sensational TV. I mean the acting was top-notch people across the board from Chad Duell, Laura Wright, Katelyn MacMullen, Chloe Lainer, Cynthia Watros, Michael E. Knight and Carolyn Hennesy.

Before last week concluded wedding fever was in full force. First, Michael and Willow tied the knot in the midst of the drama involving Sasha and Chase. However, it was the cliffhanger on last Thursday’s episode that may have left some stunned (not me because you could see if from a mile away), Nelle secretly tied the knot, with Julian Jerome of all people.

Yeah, good ole’ Brook Lynn Ashton; this character just doesn’t know how to shut up. She talks so much and as a result that big secret she had on Julian, Nelle overheard and used it to her advantage. While Nelle might be trying to win her case, she is ONLY in my opinion showing everyone she has not changed the least bit. How so? Explain to Port Charles why Julian would marry Nelle beyond the fact that she is blackmailing him. It is so obvious you cannot hide it if you want. Nina knew it and realized instantly Nelle was blackmailing her. So this entire notion that Nelle had changed completely vanished for Nina, who agreed to testify on Nelle’s behalf, but I don’t think Nelle realizes a bomb is about to be dropped on her.

Martin and Diane went to toe for their clients with lawyers doing what they do best, tarnishing the credibility of their opponent’s witnesses. Carly’s wicked past was brought up, so was Nelle’s wicked past and Michael’s criminal history. Willow faced tough questions, and when the dust settled Nelle Benson once again delivered a performance of a lifetime. The question fans were left to linger, as no more new episodes of “GH” are in place at the current moment is rather it was enough to award her custody of the son she knew was alive all along, but feigned complete ignorance?

Like I said, the one person who can change everything has been carted away, and that person is Liesl Obrecht. Could we see a surprise return of the iconic character when new episodes resume? It’s possible, fingers crossed, but with May sweeps dying down I just don’t see it taking place people, I just don’t see it. If anything, it’s more likely towards November sweeps, but geez that is such a long time from now, how can the soap keep our interest for that long!

In other “GH” news it appears Sonny is finally coming to grips with the fact that his dad is slowly fading away. It was some fantastic acting on Maurice Benard’s part people. With that said, one would think Sonny and Jason would just make Nelle Benson disappear, but Michael is hesitant to take that route, but use the resources that you have Michael. Looks like Sasha is spiraling down a dark path, and not in the best way America. How so?

The guilt of that lie she conspired with Chase is starting to eat away at her. Chase and Sasha are not good at hiding their feelings. Sasha nearly tanked her cover shoot, but a stranger offered some drugs to knock off the edge, and at first Sasha was against it, but after a chat with Chase for reasons unknown she went from 0-10 with the snap of a finger. The shot showed the viewer, that Sasha took that drug and it looks like a dependency storyline is about to kick in full gear.

I mean I expected Sasha and Chase to become an item in the midst of this legal battle. I also saw Michael and Willow as a better pairing and even though a lie might be bringing them close, it looks like the lie is also going to bring Sasha and Chase much closer.

If there was something else we needed to speak about its involving Molly, Brando and TJ. We thought the fling might just end, but it looks like someone is pregnant people. Could it be Molly, could it be Maxie, could it be Sasha, could it be Willow? You cheat on your spouse, only to find yourself now pregnant and uncertain who the baby daddy might be or how you become pregnant to begin with. This is taking a toll on Molly, just as the Davis women struggle to stay a unified family. Sam and Kristina are at war, Alexis has lost her license to practice law, Molly cheated on her one true love with a guy she just met, let the madness continue people.

Utter family drama people, just as Julian Jerome is about to get the most screen time ever with his latest stunt leaving Alexis stunned, Ava raging and Sonny beyond curious. Yeah, the writing is on the wall and it appears that Julian may have sealed his own fat and for what? “General Hospital” don’t disappoint fans, it’s time for a big mystery to lure viewers more than ever.