HOLLYWOOD—The global cinematic scene might soon experience a new-age, action thriller as Netflix continues to dabble with newer concepts and a stellar star-cast. We might shortly see the streaming giant come up with its biggest movie ever, in terms of production value as the Russo brothers have already taken ‘The Gray Man’ to the floors.

Considered a never-seen-before adaptation of the original novel, also tagged as ‘The Gray Man’, the movie promises to be an enthralling experience for the viewers and live up to the hype surrounding the storyline. Besides, Mark Greaney’s gripping novel sets the perfect premise for such a massively-scaled movie, which might just see Netflix putting in close to $200 million, as the movie-making budget.

Here is everything that you need to know about this upcoming spectacle!


Firstly, ‘The Gray Man’ would be a Netflix-original movie. Secondly, a majority of the hype surrounding the film is due to the elite set of directors i.e. Anthony Russo and Joe Russo, who also directed the biggest sight of the Marvel Cinematic Universe- the Avengers Endgame.

Besides, Joe Russo’s work has already received accolades over Netflix as he wrote the finely-crafted, Espionage thriller Extraction, starring Chris Hemsworth as the lead protagonist.


For those who haven’t read Mark Greaney’s debut book, ‘The Gray Man’ is about a covert spy named Court Gentry, who is assigned specific projects, one after the other. However, at a point, he is followed by several lethal forces, which eventually puts him and the reader at the crossroads.

Has Gentry outlived the larger-than-life cause, makes the better part of the novel and also the film! The name i.e. ‘The Gray Man’ takes the gray area into account, which Gentry’s life is devoid of, especially when it comes to segregated Kills for living and Kills for survival.

Based on the storyline, Smart TV owners are expected to have a blast watching the movie on a screen larger than that of the mobile phone. Then again, Patrick from Fire Stick Tricks believes that the sheer production value of ‘The Gray Man’ is expected to make people invest in streaming devices, precisely to convert their television sets into the Smart streaming hubs.

Production Status

As of the 5th of January, the filming has already started, with a few scenes shot in Los Angeles. The crew was seen taking every possible precaution against the Covid19 pandemic. However, as per the storyline, we can soon expect the international schedule to start.

The latest covid19 virus strain, first discovered in the UK, has goofed up the shooting itinerary and the locally-shot scenes are being filmed first. However, the entire production is being handled by Kirschenbaum Films, in association with Agbo.

Release Date

As per the current schedule and the looming threats of the pandemic, we can expect the film to release any time in 2022.  However, seeing the current trends, June 2022 seems like a plausible time for the release, considering the vastness of the shoot and even the post-production.

Finalized Cast

The anticipation surrounding ‘The Gray Man’ seems to have exceeded expectations with Netflix announcing that Ryan Gosling of the La La Land fame will reprise the central character of Count Gentry followed by Chris Evans as Lloyd Hansen. Besides, you shall witness the Indian superstar Dhanush in a pivotal role followed by Jessica Henwick, Wagner Moura, Julia Butters, and Ana De Armas portraying important characters.

Director Credibility

While the directors of ‘The Gray Man’ require no introduction, the Russo brothers are already associated with other Netflix projects like Magic: The Gathering Amine and the sequel to the famed Extraction.

Sequel Expectations

Based on the works of Mark Greaney, Netflix has enough material to proceed with sequels to ‘The Gray Man’. However, we should not be commenting unless the initial installment releases in 2022 for public viewing. Then again, for the more curious flock, there are 8 possible options to further the story of ‘The Gray Man’.