HOLLYWOOD—America you have no idea how eager I have been for the hit series “9-1-1” to return to the TV. It was that show I had heard so much about, that once I started watching it I was hooked people. It is just so entertaining and works effortlessly in my opinion compared to its counterpart, “9-1-1: Lone Star” that I just could not get into (trust me I tried).

When we last left off, there was some big news dropped on viewers as we learned that Maddie and Howie were expecting a baby. Yes, Maddie is preggers, which means Buck is about to be an uncle. It was also nice to see another series tackle the pandemic without shying away from it; it was part of our reality and addressing it shows how it impacted everyone. The mask sharing is showing proof that you can still function and operate with a mask over the face.

The big focus on the season four premiere was the Hollywood reservoir dam which broke. However, we backtracked a few months back where Maddie and Howie keeping in touch from separate locations. To fully address the issue: Howie and Buck were roommates, while Maddie and his younger brother, Albert were roomies.

Athena was still grappling with the ramifications of her assault as she headed back to work, with Bobby worried about his wife’s mental state. The one thing I enjoy, but also question about the series is the craziest situations tend to erupt on the series that makes you say could it really happen? The reality is: yes! Maddie was busy teaching Athena’s daughter May who wanted to learn the ins and outs of being a 911 operator. The minor shakes proved of something epic in store, as the dam literally shattered causing tons of water flooding gushing thru the streets of Los Angeles.

The fire crew came to the aide of passengers on a Metro bus that crashed thru a building and was tilting as each moment was the difference between life and death. Everyone was rescued, but out of nowhere a gas leak led to an explosion where Bobby rescued a precocious teen that saved lives just moments earlier. As one disaster was averted another rescue mission arose with a woman trapped in the sewers were a ton of water was headed in her direction.

That biker who warned about the dam in the begging of the episode was fighting to survive as she kept resilience talking to Maddie until officials could find her location. Bit of a sad tale as she previously lost her husband months earlier to COVID-19. She managed to drain the water in one of the vents before being rescued by firefighters. Athena got herself back on the street after being frustrated with desk duty, however, she stumbled upon a home where a woman was under reservation about leaving, which prompted Athena to further investigate and discover a woman who was suffering from extreme anxiety and panic attacks.

Just like season three, this season four premiere also ended on a cliffhanger, where it became apparent that another earthquake was in the making as the infamous Hollywood sign collapsed with Athena in danger. Season four kicked off in an epic way, the saga continues next week. New episodes of “9-1-1” air Mondays at 8 p.m. on FOX.