SANTA MONICA—The Santa Monica Pier will be receiving funds from sponsors to enhance experiences for patrons. Some programs the Santa Monica Pier will be investing in this year include funding more of its banner events like a new Halloween Celebration.

The SM Pier experienced changes in the rebranding of its events after Negin Singh became the executive director of the Santa Monica Pier Corporation in January 2018. This past summer the pier hosted its very first holiday celebration in more than 10 years, acted as the main hub for Santa Monica’s Pride Month, and witnessed an increase in attendance for the Pier 360 event, a sports-themed party that marks the beginning of the summer.

The pier’s new offerings will cut back on older events like Front Porch Cinema, ProCon, and Steam Machine to make way for newer more lucrative events. In order to launch Halloween events and to expand free events such as Twilight on the Pier, the pier will have to cut out the more expensive smaller events. Other companies and sponsors plan on screening films after the pier officially discontinues its Front Porch Cinema. More plans to enhance the Santa Monica Pier experience are developing this year and are expected to be announced.

The pier’s executive director Negin Singh was formerly the director of inspiration at augmented reality startup DAQRI. She is responsible for re-imaging the Santa Monica Pier Twilight Concert Series which is a free concert series hosted at the Santa Monica Pier.

Singh leads a team in programming, activations, and many other departments. She is also the founder cARTel: Collaborative Arts LA which is an experiential production company that creates immersive experiences focusing on storytelling, discovery, and impact.