HOLLYWOOD—I think this was needed on a narrative front for mobster Sonny Corinthos on “General Hospital.” It seems a new threat has emerged and is taking aim at Sonny and potentially those close to his orbit. Who is that threat? The audience has no idea just yet, but what we do know is the person aimed to take out Sonny at a warehouse meeting for the Pikeman deal that Dex and Michael are utilizing to try to take Sonny down. In the midst of that shootout, Dex saved Sonny, but it was ultimately Sonny who saved Dex, who was grazed by a bullet.

This duplicity that Sonny has yet to discover baffles me. Sonny should have someone tailing Dex simply because he doesn’t know enough about his past. That would be a massive sign to me that Dex is hiding something. Hell, he is always disappearing without notice, not to mention he is entangled with Josslyn. Carly knows this, Cameron knows this, but they haven’t disclosed those details to Sonny. Carly would if she knew Dex was working against her former hubby and the father of her children. Cameron has kept mum out of some stupid loyalty to Joss which makes no sense whatsoever.

Joss and Dex are playing with fire and were discovered by someone who was not pleased to say the least in Michael Corinthos. Michael warned Dex to stay clear of his sister because he could place her in danger, and now she is all invested. Making matters worse is that she knows Dex is working to take Sonny down. That is something that is not going to go well with people like Dante, Sam, Carly, Kristina, Olivia and Spencer of all people.

Spencer is the key here people because he already suspects Dex is up to no good and with Dex and Spencer now living in the same quarters as Sonny, Spencer is certain to uncover that Dex and Joss have been secretly seeing one another. That is going to lead to a major blow-up when the reveal comes out. I really hope it happens by May Sweeps, because once again, “GH” drags its storylines for years and it gets to the point that it becomes so stale that when the reveal happens the viewers no longer care.

The Victor Cassadine takedown is in full force. Lucy being Lucy just couldn’t stay at the safe house. She snuck out because she HAD TO PLAY A ROLE IN THE UPCOMING NURSES BALL ANNIVERSARY! Talk about stupid and bad writing, she was easily spotted by Maxie and within striking distance of Victor himself. Lucy should be thankful she’s not dead. Valentin and Anna put their life on the line to rescue her and this is how she pays them back?

Anna and Valentin has bickered as a result and Valentin went out in public and was spotted by Carly of all people, and then Drew who is all in on the plan to take down Victor who held him captive for years. Look, I’m sorry there is something about the actor portraying Drew that is not clicking. There is a lack of charisma and that threat factor that Billy Miller brought to the character. I don’t know if Cameron Mathison will ever get there, but after more than a year portraying the character, something has got to change because it’s not working as a viewer people.

With the walls apparently closing in on Victor, he has an ace in Eileen who is being forced to retrieve the Ice Princess necklace for Victor per his wishes. The audience still has NO IDEA what Victor’s grand plan is and after almost 18 months, I felt the viewers would know something by now right? Nope. The Willow and her leukemia battle narrative is just a bore at this point, let’s get Liesl to donate her bone marrow, so Willow can stop whining already. She and Michael are literally being written as the most unlikeable characters on the show, and you can throw Josslyn into that mix as well, the siblings much more than Willow.

Prediction alert: as Michael and Willow walk down the aisle, Sonny will be arrested and it will be exposed that Michael and Dex were involved and Joss knew and utter chaos will erupt and Willow might actually call the wedding to Michael off as a result. Then again, in retaliation we could see Nina turn in Drew and Carly for insider trading and that is something I cannot wait to witness. Michael learned about Josslyn and Dex’s relationship this week and he was not pleased, warning them both Sonny cannot have any hint that they’re together as the results can be deadly. Yes, Michael, Josslyn and Dex, you three are playing with major fire and when the truth comes out there will be absolute hell to pay as a result, and I cannot wait for it.

I love that Brook Lynn is at least trying to Willow to repair her relationship with Nina because like it or not, she is your MOTHER! Brook Lynn also had a tough conversation with Chase where the two discussed the status of their relationship which is just a sizzle for me. The actors are so potent on the screen you cannot ignore that spark they have when they are filming together. Cameron is planning to vacate PC for Stanford, which everyone was thrilled, but Spencer, who knows there is more to Cam’s sudden departure than to attend and elite school to play soccer. Like I said, Spencer is connected to quite a few narratives right now.

And I didn’t even mention the Esme of it all. Diane pushed for Robert to drop charges against Esme for the time being in hopes of building a stronger case to nail her later. As a result, Esme is about to camp out with Laura and Kevin as they help her raise Ace. That is something Spencer is not too pleased with as he wants to protect his little brother from his crazed ex-girlfriend and his father, who is MIA.

Yeah, PC residents Nikolas didn’t disappear on his own volition. Ava ‘killed’ him, only she didn’t realize he was still breathing and is now being held captive by Mason courtesy of his mystery female boss. We still have no glimpse if that has ties to Austin and appears to have an interest in Ava Jerome of all people. That should be a clue in itself that the threat could be.