HOLLYWOOD—I wanted to know what Megan Hathaway was up to on “Days of Our Lives” with those cryogenic chambers, well, she was hiding a major player, one that “DOOL” fanatics have been clamoring to have back on canvas for years people in Bo Brady (Peter Reckell). Yes, America, Bo Brady is very much alive and back in the mix. Pay attention because only on “Days” can the narrative get so complicated and crazy it leaves you flabbergasted.

Megan is obsessed with Bo as a result of them being a couple back in high school. Yeah, this woman is definitely Stefano DiMera’s crazy bloodline. Kayla, Marlena and Kate are working overtime to ensure there escape, but Kate is the only person who has actually come face-to-face with Bo. Yes, she knows she is alive and has been trying to get thru to him, but he appears to be a stone-faced killer people under Megan’s orders. Kate made some slight leeway with Bo who didn’t put a bullet in her as expected. Rolf is working under Megan’s orders with the orchid to use it to ‘fix’ Bo so he can recall their love.

Also working near the secret laboratory is Steve, John and Hope. Yes, Hope Brady is back as well America. Hope is hoping to break thru to Harris, that former flame from “Beyond Salem.” Yes, it’s a spinoff of “DOOL” with iconic characters from the soap opera. Harris portrayed by Steve Burton, so for those hoping to see him return to “General Hospital” don’t expect that to happen people. Harris has also been brainwashed by Megan to do her dirty dealings.

One thing that all is in agreement with is that Megan Hathaway has to be stopped. So that means, Kayla, Kate, Marlena, Steve, John and Roman all want Megan’s head on a silver platter. It’s a bummer that Roman, Steve and John still have no idea their wives are still alive, but I expect within the next month or so that truth will come to light. In addition, John reunited with Paul, who happens to be dating Alex, who has connections with the ISA and John’s quest to get the goods on Megan. Complicated yet intriguing all at the same time, and with characters in Salem like Belle and Shawn talking about losing their parents and hoping to see them again, joy will be hitting Salem fairly soon.

Let’s move away from the completely separate storyline of what is transpiring in that secret DiMera laboratory and return our focus to Salem. Li and Gabi are still playing house as she holds to her agreement to not hookup with Stefan for 6 months to obtain Li’s shares in DiMera. Of course the goal is for Gabi and Stefan to reunite and dominate the family business, but EJ and Nicole have other thoughts. EJ is still working behind the scenes to manipulate Stefan so that he holds leverage of the family business. How so? He plans to work with Li to ensure that Gabi returns to him and not Stefan. Hmm, good luck with that EJ. Gabi’s heart without a doubt belongs to Stefan. When he was dead that was one thing, but he’s not dead and I don’t see the writers killing him off again.

Nicole is jealous of Eric and Sloan, but is usually EJ to distract for the time being. I wonder how Sami would feel about this. She hasn’t been in Salem for quite some time, but I would love to see this fierce one return and shake up things a bit. Lucas FYI you have no future with Sami after what you pulled buddy. I love Sloan and Eric together; Sloan might be one of the best new characters introduced to the soap in years. She is feisty, yet stunning, but also not afraid to get her hands dirty. Seeing Belle and Sloan work together to get the charges against Brady and Eric dropped was a hoot. That hint the ladies should start their own firm was a genius idea that I hope the writers really consider.

Johnny is drifting away from Wendy as his latest stunt against Tripp was not well received. I mean Wendy and Tripp living together is also strengthening their bond as well people. The writers are so obvious with this love triangle people. I thought Wendy and Johnny had better chemistry, but it is starting to shine with Tripp. I can see these two as an item and I wonder whether this is something that will boil his blood.

Gwen and Xander looks like they might be caput, after he confessed his heart still belongs to Sarah even though she has vacated Salem with a bun in the oven. That bun belongs to Xander, he just doesn’t know it yet. Gwen upset with Xander decided to blow off some stem with drinks with Alex which led to the two have a romp in the sheets. She soon bragged about that to Xander which lead to a confrontation where both guys nearly came to blows people.

Yeah, Xander cares for Gwen; I think he always will, but his heart will always belong to Sarah. She is the woman who changed him for the better. Gwen embraces his bad boy tendencies that always get him in trouble. There is a lot transpiring in Salem, I’m just ready for Bo Brady and Hope Brady to make their triumphant return home “DOOL” fans.