HOLLYWOOD—Well, Nina let it be a lesson to never discuss things you don’t want others to hear in public on “General Hospital.” Why? Her secret that she contacted the SEC on Carly and Drew was exposed in a conversation with her lawyer, Martin Grey at the Metro Court. Who heard that big secret? The one person who has been accused of committing the deed: Ned Quartermaine. Ned has been thru the ringer on things and it has been brutal in my opinion, but I’m glad he has slightly been vindicated, but I feel sorry for Nina at the same time, which I will discuss later.

Ned overheard Nina worrying to Martin that her tip might be exposed and he overheard the truth. That led to a confrontation with Nina that I thought would be nothing, but nope it nearly turned deadly, as Ned planned to tell the truth to Drew, but a slip and fall left Ned with a nasty head injury that placed his care in dire condition people. Nina’s secret is safe for now, but what transpires when Ned awakens and he starts to remember figments of what he uncovered people. Olivia is worried about her husband, Brook Lynn is concerned about her father’s fate and Chase got a scoop that Nina may be involved in the melee and put the pressure on her when she was questioned.

Drew was accused by Tracy of causing Ned’s injury and he was falsely arrested as a result. It is important to point out that Drew is trying to blackmail Tracy about using Brook Lynn to spy on Deception and threatened to expose if Ned didn’t get his SEC buddies to back off on this leak. So the finger pointing makes perfect sense people. Drew contacted Zeke, Portia’s brother for legal representation in his case, so this makes perfect sense as to why Portia’s brother has suddenly returned to PC. We’ll talk more about that later.

It feels like the writing is on the wall that Nina will lose Sonny as a result of this move because he’s all about family, but I have a feeling Nina might get a saving grace, and it is going to be a whopper that is going to have ripple effects that I don’t think anyone and I mean anyone, especially Sonny will see coming. That means the truth about Michael hiring Dex to expose Sonny for criminal shenanigans and to have him locked away for a long time.

I was so pleased to see Carly finally learn the truth after Michael decided to give his mother that flash drive as her ticket out of the SEC mess. Carly was livid, I don’t think I have ever seen this woman so upset since Morgan’s death. It was some fantastic acting from Laura Wright people, just sensational. She railed into Michael trying to get him to understand what he did was wrong and that Sonny has ALWAYS had her and the kids’ best interest in play. However, she made it clear the truth could never come out because it could lead to the demise of Dex with certainty, and I don’t think Michael would forever be called Sonny’s son; he might disown him people.

However, it was the conversation between Carly and Josslyn that was pivotal. Carly could not believe her daughter had this information and was planning to use it against the man she once loved. Carly was livid at Josslyn especially when she threw in her face that Sonny may have been responsible for Morgan’s death. Whew, I wanted to see Carly slice into Josslyn, but she held her composure, but great acting on all fronts. This is perhaps the last thing Carly needed in her life at the moment.

The stress from this woman is mounting and not in a great way, and how she keeps this secret from Sonny knowing exactly what Dex has been up to is not great, so the goal is to keep him working for Sonny, essentially sealing Dex’s fate. He is trapped and will be entangled in a life or death situation if the truth is exposed. All I can say is that Carly is likely to give the warning of a lifetime to Dex to steer clear of Sonny and her daughter because this is not going to end well for anyone involved in this chaos.

I want to get back to Zeke because he was chummy with a woman at the bar, who just happened to be Jordan. The two started to drink and had a steamy one-night stand. There is just one problem, Jordan had no idea that Zeke was Portia’s brother and that left her speechless. Yeah, the truth about these two hooking up is going to come out, which means that Portia and Curtis will get entangled in this mess people and that kiss between Jordan and Curtis comes to light. Very intrigued with the developments on “General Hospital.”