UNITED STATES—I am totally kicking myself in the butt, not realizing that sometimes when it comes to getting those items that you want to purchase you sometimes have to wait. Why? You never know when an item will go on sale. Yes, it is the holidays and when you see an item that you like or even if you don’t like it on sale, you feel the need to buy it.

That is the problem, we are made to think something is a sale, when in reality it is not. Take for example Black Friday. There is the thinking that the best of the best when it comes to deals at retailers transpire on this day. To a degree I do believe that, but I am actually learning, sometimes the best sales transpire when you least expect. I have been looking for a winter coat lately and I haven’t quite found anything that has caught my eye at a decent price.

I finally pulled the trigger about two weeks ago on a really decent coat. It was nice, name brand and comfy. We’re talking a $300 coat that I managed to get for $80. Low and behold a week later that same coat is on sale for an additional 50 percent off. To say I was fuming would be an understatement. I had already worn the jacket; the price tag was off and if I had just waited a few more days, I would have gotten that coat for under $50. Yes, under $50 bucks!

The retailers are really good at psyching the consumer out to think they are obtaining an actual deal, when in reality, it is not the deal you think. You have to look at that regular price and compare it to the actual price you’re paying. Are you saving more than 50 percent? Are you saving a significant amount of money or are you just forced to think that. I have actually seen this unfold more times than I can count at a particular retailer, where the deals are better when there is NO SALE, compared to the upsurge in the price when there is an actual sale.

The retailer wants you to think one way so you can spend your hard-earned money under false pretenses. I mean I know everyone spotted the social media expose that transpired with Target and their so-called Black Friday deals that weren’t actual deals at all.

Look at things this way. It is the holidays, the retailers see the biggest boom in sales this time of year, they KNOW YOU ARE GOING TO SPEND MONEY! So, if you’re planning to do any Xmas shopping leading up to the week of Christmas you may want to think otherwise. You won’t see any deals. How about the days after Christmas? Oh, you will indeed see the deals because the retailers are clearing out inventory, they want to get rid of and that is truly the time of year you want to spend money if you have the opportunity to actually SPEND MONEY!

It is going to happen in the coming weeks, so if you’re enticed to spend, try to hold and question if this is something you need immediately or if it can wait. You never know something that cost $20 could be $10 a few days later, and that savings makes a big difference.