PACIFIC PALISADES—A piece of concrete caused a two-vehicle crash on Saturday, October 9. A sergeant told Canyon News that it happened “during the day,” at “around 11:50 a.m. or earlier, before noon.” The incident occurred on Temescal Canyon Road, which is along the Pacific Coast Highway.

According to the sergeant, a piece of concrete became loose from a private property located on a hill. A driver in an SUV saw it coming down, so the vehicle swerved and crashed with another car. One of the cars also “crashed into a kind of pole.” The SUV, then “rolled over.” The crash caused the pole to lean and the power went out.

After the car crash, the Department of Water & Power secured the pole. “There were no injuries at the time,” said the sergeant. One side of the PCH was closed while authorities investigated the crash.

For the time being, the case is being regarded as a civilian matter so it is being handled by the insurance company and the property owner. There was “nothing criminal determined” as the property owner, along with the driver’s insurance company, are paying for damages.