HOLLYWOOD—This was a fun mid-season finale for the Starz series “Power.” I really wish the series wasn’t doing this and would just give the audience all the episodes so we can see how it all wraps up instead of having audiences wait. The episode ‘No One Can Stop Me’ kicked off with Ghost attempting to repair his fractured relationship with Tariq, just as he got news that the big announcement about him running as Lt. Governor of New York hit the television waves.

Saxe showed up at his former job aiming to get Warren to issue him a search warrant so that Terry Silver’s phone could be discovered. However, Saxe’s tactics blew up in his face. During lunch, Ramona, Lorette and James basked in the glory of their newfound partnership, but a hiccup in the Queens Project could halt James’ desire to leave his past behind. He paid a visit to his Uncle Gabriel’s bar, where we learned James’ future would have been a lot different if his father was never killed. He presented an offer to his uncle to purchase the building as the new site of the QP.

Rodriguez revealed to Warren that they discovered Terry Silver’s body, and she was warned that her antics were quite similar to Saxe, which unnerved her. I mean sometimes people do the most to get what they want. Saxe was breaking all types of protocol, but Rashad agreed to lie in order to deliver a blow to Ghost. Rodriguez was not happy with what her ally was up to. The detective, who is a pest in my eyes, was presented with a crazy dilemma: stay within the constraints of the law or break them.

Ghost has a lot of enemies on his plate, but even worse is the notion that his mental state seems to be having a fracture with reality. How so? He’s been having visions of Angela, and decided it was finally time to say goodbye to his flame, as he decided to move on with Ramona as they shared a few kisses. Detective Rodriguez utilized a sneaky search warrant to garner a look inside James’ hotel room where she discovered Terry’s phone. Ghost was on cloud nine and as a viewer, it was so apparent he was about to take a massive fall, the question that remained would be who would be the person to take action against him?

At Raina’s grave site, Ghost came face-to-face with Tasha, who he alerted that he was granting her a divorce and was letting her free from his life. Tasha was not happy to hear that news, as she warned her former hubby that running for office, will open the door for all his secrets in his past to come to life. Rodriguez thought she finally built a case against St. Patrick, but Warren warned her everything she discovered is tainted as a direct result of Saxe, which made Blanca very angry.

Rashad looked like he was aiming to tell James’ the feds are onto him, but Ghost just couldn’t help himself and continued to brag, which only fueled Rashad’s rage even more. Tariq dropped Dre by his dad’s office, where threats were made by both parties. This day just keeps getting better, because Dre asked Ghost for money, which he obliged. Ghost is seriously pushing all the wrong buttons and it’s about to blow-up in his face.

Tommy and Ghost had a face-to-face, where they attempted to call a truce, but someone aimed to take them out. The big mystery is who was the big threat? We saw a body, but I do not recall that face at all. Warren and Rodriguez questioned Saxe, who had Tamica represent him. All the cards came tumbling down, but Tamica made it crystal clear that telling the ‘truth’ would blow up in both of their faces. So it was a moral dilemma: follow the law or break the law for a good reason. Dre was arrested for the murder of Jason, just as Ghost watched from a distance. Ghost had Vincent deliver a phone to one of Tommy’s goons inside prison to get some revenge. The problem is the audience doesn’t know who that threat is. I don’t think its Tommy people.

Ramona overheard a conversation between James and Paz that scared her. The biggest question is why Ghost wouldn’t just tell Paz that Tommy killed her sister. Probably a good thing he did not spill that tea. Tasha confronted Ghost about the rumors he planned to turn Tariq into the authorities for the murder of Ray Ray. It enraged Tasha, who thought it was foolish to turn their son in. However, think about it? All this chaos that has transpired is a direct result of the actions of Tariq, his actions have led to the death of many people.

When Ghost revealed that he knew Tasha murdered Keisha, her face dropped. She threatened news about Terry Silver, and I can absolutely seeing Ghost using this info against Tasha if she attempts to threaten him. Ghost received a visit from Raina where it became clear to him that Tariq has to pay for his actions. I mean maybe a little jail will scare this kid straight. When Ghost presented the idea of Tariq turning himself in, he was full of rage, he felt betrayed by his father and I was certain Tariq was about to place a bullet in his father’s chest. Not the case, but this was another sign of where things were heading.

Warren and Rodriguez decided it was worth it to break the law to nail St. Patrick, and presented their evidence to a judge, who shot them down at every turn. Detective Rodriguez revealed to Tate and Paz that the case against St. Patrick is dead, just as Tamica alerted Saxe that an arrest warrant has been issued for him. Ghost basked in the glory of his triumph at Truth, unaware that his enemies were planning his demise. Dre received a visit from Blanca where he lied about seeing Ghost murder Terry Silver, so he could get a get out of jail free card.

The episode culminated with Saxe, Dre, Blanca, Paz, Rashad, Tariq and Tommy all headed to confront Ghost with a gun in tow. Detective Rodriguez was ready to serve papers to Ghost, but heard gunfire and the audience witnessed Ghost falling from the balcony with a gunshot wound right to the chest. So the audience is left to question if Ghost is dead or not, but more importantly who pulled the trigger? I doubt he’s dead, if he were, that would stun me. However, we’ll have to wait till January 2020 for the final 5 episodes of the series to answer that question.