UNITED STATES—April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and I BELIEVE people don’t commit child abuse unless they are mentally ill!

Researchers have been studying shared mental disorders within families, so it makes perfect sense that SHARED BEHAVIORS like CHILD ABUSE are inheritable and flourish behind familial doors?

Therefore NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT to preventing child abuse, than the need for a Mental Health Emergency Room. Not only would this place be prepared to deal with the many problems that cause TRAUMA in children, but research physical and mental consequences of generational abuse, and study regional trends.

Think about it with this easy to imagine scenario happening behind closed doors EVERYWHERE…

A human gets fired/yelled at/ridiculed/overloaded at work and leaves at the end of the day, angry. He or she can go home and take part in ONE of the TWO main behaviors known to depersonalize or deflect from self:

OVERCONSUME – Alcohol/drug/food substance, porn: ANYTHING to forget the problem until tomorrow.

OVEREACT – Arguing or violence: break someone else to repair self.

Perhaps both, simply because there’s no other alternative.

BUT I KNOW there’s a time before the point of no return, when normally sane and rational people consider the consequences before striking inward (abusing self) or outward (abusing others).


The same spur of the moment judgement that sparks action can lead to seeking help, when they know they can get it immediately.

A mental health facility open around the clock, available to brave humans who say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Helping fight against child abuse, familial violence, suicidal ideation, or any other mental strife that needs to be addressed before someone is hurt, arrested, or mentally/physically impaired for life.

With violence increasing across the nation- I BELIEVE that if Uncle Sam builds it, they will come.

Abused youth will have a place to go to, with mandatory parent interviews. Can you imagine how much this will help social workers? The abused will come to them with a mandated approach to family counseling for children who SEEK HELP regardless of parental consent!

It seems only logical that we would evolve to a society that recognizes mental health crisis as a problem that is crossing all socioeconomic borders with CHILDREN being the most affected. Little helpless puppets that have no choice but live in abusive environments.

Think about this. RIGHT NOW we have groups debating a special court for traumatized mentally ill veterans, another group focusing on brain damage and concussions from sports but NOBODY cares about the future consequences of the child emotionally traumatized or damaged from unknown hits to the head, during the millions of unreported child abuse incidents?

Instead of throwing more money at programs aimed to deal with the mental after-effect of abuse, IT IS TIME to combat abuse.

How many people do you think a mental health facility would help?

It would make a difference to those turning to drugs, alcohol, violence, or any number of unfathomable behaviors that they recognize as defective but have no one to turn to in their crucial moment of need.

PRO-ACTIVIST BattleCat is right when she says we have turned into a “CRY baby” mentality and she poses the question: “how can we reclaim our nation if we can’t get our emotions in check?”

As Americans, we utilize an unbiased and private ear every chance we get. Confess our problems to bartenders, taxi drivers, and any other stranger we will never see again. This is because our country is overfilled with aching souls that are in need of relief.

Mental illness survivor and research psychologist Eleanor Longden is right when she says “An important question in psychiatry shouldn’t be what’s wrong with you but rather what’s happened to you.”

The fact is if there were a Mental Health Emergency Room we, the mentally ill, would feel as if someone did care to listen. Beginning the therapeutic bond crucial to overcoming trauma and instilling a national standard for child abuse and its laws. If you think I am one lone whiner think again, and click here for the comprehensive writing on the mental health crisis.

For the naysayers who have not read about how 1 in 5 families have NO WORKING MEMBERS, look at this from a financial cost standpoint in the future rather than what will be saved in medicaid and social security payments, LOOK AT IT THIS WAY. Medical professionals of all types learn from teaching schools, why not use a facility such as this for BOTH important national research AND learning experience for future social workers, police officers, and psychological workers?