UNITED STATES—When people talk about inflation and its impact on the world, they are not understating things people. The cost of goods is quite scary right now. If you’re headed to the grocery store you can expect to pay nearly double what you would normally pay for a week of groceries. How do I know? I just went to the grocery store a week ago and I’m beyond disappointed. I was purchasing groceries in the midst of a massive snowstorm. Yeah, you have to love when the weather guys predict a gargantuan storm only to discover that the panic that was caused was not worth it.

I was slightly baffled because guess what? There were very little goods on the shelves, in the freezer and in general. Couldn’t get chicken breasts, chicken wings or anything chicken for that matter! Not to mention a pound of chicken breast where I shop went from $6.99 pound to $9.99 pound. The cost of bacon went from $5.99 a pound to nearly $10 a pound. Yes, the price for a pack of bacon is about $10. That is beyond crazy. I tell people all the time that the price of food is the worst thing to go up because it completely impacts households the most. If you’re use to spending $100 to get a boatload of groceries, you can expect to spend another $50 to $100 to compensate for the rise in prices people.

Yeah, it is not something you want to hear especially if you discover that all this extra money that you’ve earned is going to pay more for goods and services people. What good is making more money if all of the money you make is being spent because of rising costs as a result of inflation? Let’s not even talk about gas America because I know it’s causing a headache for so many Americans. I mean we were wavering between $2.50 and $3.00 a gallon. The average price of gas in the United States is about $3.50 per gallon. If you’re in California, you’re looking at prices around $5 plus a gallon. Yeah, imagine spending over a $100 a week to commute to and from work, and that’s not including taking care of errands people.

Yeah, that would cause a major headache for me as well. In addition, to paying more for goods you’re paying more for transportation people. Then you have your everyday purchases like cleaning supplies that have skyrocketed. They are not as high as they were when the pandemic first came to explosive light in March 2020. However, the cost of bleach is still high, cleaning wipes, sanitizer and so much more. In addition, the cost of utilities have risen people. The price to purchase a car is rising; the price to purchase a home is higher as well. You name it you’re paying more for it.

All I can say is the government has to do something to get these inflation rates lower, it’s a devastating blow not only to the economy, but to families who are struggling to keep their heads afloat in these uncertain times. Inflation is a problem that the government needs to find a solution for. You cannot just keep rising the prices without thinking of a way to curb costs people.

Written By Jason Jones