WEST HOLLYWOOD—On Tuesday, July 17, protestors gathered and organized a vigil objecting a recent homeless spot. The Poinsettia Park protest and vigil was planned and led by the Democratic Socialists of America. The group organized the event in response to the sweep that occurred early last week.

Protestors took to the previous homeless encampment site lining the sidewalk with small candles. They displayed signs reading “’Moving Along’ to Where?” and “Stop Homeless Hate.”

Prior to their recent removal, the homeless made the park a temporary shelter, casting tents along the park’s perimeters. The growth of the West Hollywood homeless population resulted in complaints from surrounding residents. A West Hollywood resident reported multiple accounts of homeless defecation and masturbation on resident property to ABC 7 News.

A representative of the Poinsettia Recreation Center indicated they were not involved with Tuesday’s vigil and protest, or last week’s homeless sweep.

“We don’t have anything to do with this,” said the park representative.

One individual posted on Reddit:

“I work a couple blocks from this park and it did get really outta hand, it went from a few tents to just a dump. Hookers, drugs use, obviously stolen bikes being hacked apart. I used to ride to this park on my breaks but it’s a very uneasy feeling with all the sketch people eyeing you down. They even showed up at my job demanding free food from (a grocery store) and always go in our bathrooms and just demolish them. I feel bad in the sense these people are living on sidewalks and are in extremely poor health, mentally and physically, but man, what is a viable solution here? I’ve befriended a few people I give food to on occasion and they’re usually from out of state homeless shelters that say they’ve outstayed their welcome and will pay for a greyhound ticket to wherever they want. As far as the drug use it’s ridiculously out of hand and cheap and easy to get. It’s so discouraging and frustrating.”