Without calcium, bones are weak and cannot sustain the body’s maximum potentiality. Without positivism to foster good spirit, youth suffer the same deficiency to the psyche as we see in the milk/bones scenario.


What is the soul, besides a word to explain happiness, or the INVISIBLE THING that is injured with trauma? The concept has been around a long time. What you may not know is that SOUL means the same as PSYCHE – as in psychology: scientific study of the human psyche AKA soul.

In Greek, the term is Psuche. Washington University faculty interpret Aristotle’s confusing definition: “a living thing’s soul is its capacity to engage in the activities that are characteristic of living things of its natural kind

In Hebrew, the word is Nephesh. Christian think-tank host Doug Buckley explains the soul is “the hub of our consciousness and thought process. It is the fundamental constituent and essence of who we are, making us ourselves, and not someone else.”

Other words include Ziel, Spirit, Ruach, Pneuma, and Seele. I imagine there is a word in every group of humans, to describe what we call SOUL or PSYCHE.

The definition is not as debatable as the millennium-long question: does the soul live after the body dies? This theory by Dr. Hameroff hypothesizes that consciousness lives on within the charged particles stored within microtubules of neurons in the brain.

Whether you believe soul and spirit are the same, or there is a big difference between the two: the soul is an internal driving force that motivates or “animates” our bodies to do things – regardless of if is resides in the mind or body.

Take an argument by “radical” 18th century thinker William Blake, who believed CHURCH was wrong to teach “That Energy, called Evil, is alone from the Body, & that Reason, called Good, is alone from the Soul” when experience shows, “Body is a portion of Soul discernd (sic) by the five Senses, the chief inlets of Soul in this age.

This is because HUMANS exploit anything they can, until someone makes them accountable for their behavior. The effect of cruel words upon a growing psyche is something others have been trying to force into the the public eye. For example, 100+ years ago Professor OS Fowler TAUGHT that continuous chastising (inflict punishment, censure severely) will make children, “a poltroon (spiritless coward) in that portion, lowers resolution to cope with difficulties, humbles the spirits, unnerves and crushes.”

The FACT IS that the PSYCHE of millions of polyvictims are being turned into a POLTROON right here in America, by chronic long-term emotional and verbally abusive behaviors such as degrading and belittling, and physical and sexual trauma.

Natural rights ARE BEING DENIED to children who suffer the conduct forbidden in the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These children are inflicted with abuses that ultimately diminish capabilities as a result of personal injury to their psyche… Coincidentally defined by Merriam Webster as an “entire collection of activities and tendencies that make up human mentality.”

To reiterate Aristotle, “The soul is what is causally responsible for the animate behavior (the life activities) of a living thing.”

Modern minded Americans realize that the reason there’s no legal care for this aspect of human LIFE is because we just don’t know what to do about it.

So, WE MUST use the BUT/FOR test:

He would not think it is okay to beat his wife BUT FOR the fact the he grew up listening to his police officer father beat his mother every night and the neighbors knew it, proof that some are allowed to live this way.

She would not find herself at 60, and unable to help herself BUT FOR the fact that her father taught her that women would never need to do anything except stay home and be a mother.

DO NOT START with the “school teaches differently and a child can help themself” theory – school also reaffirms what happens to tattlers and narcs.

To think you can take a child with a broken psyche and say “you are not to blame and you are worthwhile!” and this will cure them?

Go sit beside a 15 year old car that has never been maintained and tell it it is strong and worthy enough to win a race, let me know how it works for you!

Back to the AMERICANS DON’T KNOW HOW TO STOP IT excuse for everything. We have answers to BUT no one listens.

No matter what type of conflict it is, I agree with Michelle Maiese: “protection of human rights is important for the resolution of conflict and to the rebuilding process afterward.” If it is that important to human adult conflict resolution, imagine the influence such conflicts would have on a child that has no healthy psyche to start with? OR to the growing psyche that is learning right from wrong!

Soul and Spirit sometimes “translate” as life, Doug Buckley further explains, “can also mean the collection or summation of ones experiences in the world.

I BELIEVE RD Alexander’s explanation (PDF) of human psyche consisting of consciousness, cognition, linguistic abilities, emotions, and personality traits accurately sums up how important the under-valued psyche IS.

In 21st century America, we would NEVER allow parents to break the BONES of children and then throw them out to survive, unable.

The bones/psyche support the body/mind, without them we fall/fail.