HOLLYWOOD—Last fall Queen Stephanie Forrester was diagnosed with stage four lung and brain cancer. Fans and viewers of CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful” didn’t know where two-time Emmy Award® winning producer Bradley Bell would lead us. He’s a maverick that is known to make daring decisions, which is why the show is the most watched daytime drama on the planet, bringing in 39-40 million viewers daily world-wide. Fans were stunned by the fact that Brooke Logan became Stephanie’s friend and greatest supporter, and Brooke forced Queen Stephanie to seek radical treatment at a local L.A. hospital for her serious disease.

After almost a 50-year feud, Stephanie tried to put the past behind her as far as the Logan Forrester feud was concerned, and to forgive not only Brooke for her years of sexual transgressions within Stephanie’s family, but her hatred for Brooke’s mother Beth that went back to when the two were in college together. She even forgave Brooke’s brother, Storm, for shooting her. Of course we all remember last year when Stephen Logan brainwashed Stephanie’s sister Pamela to shoot Stephanie, only to have the Queen herself take the gun away from Pam and shoot Stephen with it. With her strong determination, we knew Stephanie could survive cancer if anyone could.

Brooke caused great harm over the years to the Forrester wives. She took Stephanie’s husband Eric, then seduced his son Ridge away from his wife Taylor, then seduced Ridge’s brother Thorne away from his wife Macy and ultimately took her daughter Bridget’s second husband Nick, and ended up on the receiving end of Stephanie’s (suicide gift box). That’s right, Stephanie gave Brooke Logan a gun with two bullets wrapped in a Neiman Marcus® gift-box. “There are two bullets in this gun, just in case you miss the first time,” Stephanie told a stunned Brooke.

Let’s not forget that before Brooke took her daughter Bridget’s second husband, she also had an adulterous affair and a love child with Bridget’s first husband, Deacon. She even got pregnant by Deacon when they slept together using the bed in her Westwood-based office. A heartbroken Bridget told her mother, “It was tough enough growing up being the daughter of a tabloid queen, who was called the sexiest woman in the world. You must be absolutely irresistible if you can steal a man from your own daughter.” Fast-forward 18 years to last summer, when Brooke seduced her 18-year-old daughter’s boyfriend, Oliver, at her daughter’s graduation party. Brooke doesn’t seduce all of these men for fun; she simply cannot stop herself. Her addiction to sex may have started as a result of losing her father early in life and needing a man by her side constantly. However, her seductions have caused Taylor at least a nervous breakdown every few years, her daughter tears of sorrow and Queen Stephanie even had a massive stroke when she found Brooke in bed with her youngest son Thorne.

Taylor has been begging Stephanie for months that she was not being wise about burying the hatchet with her daughter-in-law Brooke. This week Taylor begged Stephanie to open her eyes. “There is only one Forrester man Brooke hasn’t slept with Stephanie. It’s my son, your grandson Thomas. And he’s not safe from her seduction,” Taylor implored an unwilling Stephanie to listen. Then a conversation at Forrester Creations was overheard. The wrong person heard that Brooke and Thomas kissed on the flight from Paris a few weeks ago, and the blood feud began again.

The revelation sent a deranged Taylor directly to Stephanie’s Bel Air mansion to tell her that Brooke hasn’t changed and she’s now after the youngest Forrester scion. Stephanie fought internally to not lash out at Brooke, and to hold her temper in order to keep the promise of maintaining her temper after facing stage four cancer, and her burning desire not to reignite the two families’ half century-long feud. Stephanie started to remember a past physical altercation with Brooke in Big Bear when she caught Brooke with her married son, Thorne. As she choked Brooke, she screamed, “You have pushed me, and pushed me and pushed me for years. You’ve made me come to the breaking point. You’re sick, you’ve made me sick.” She also remembered calling Brooke “a slut from the valley.” The Van Nuys born heroine used her sex appeal to land a job at Forrester Creations over 20 years ago, then ultimately getting a mansion in Beverly Hills as a gift from Ridge Forrester. Stephanie even remembered calling Brooke, “The whore from Beverly Hills.”

Just as she was trying to contain her rage and maintain her composure, Brooke as always has such bad timing, arrived to talk to an outraged Stephanie. It landed Brooke on the hot-seat, and fans know that the Hatfields and the McCoys-like feud between Queen Stephanie of Bel Air and her sex-a-holic daughter-in-law Brooke Logan is back on. This feud is as dangerous as the impending civil war in Libya and more exciting than anything we’ve seen before on any television series.

On Monday’s episode, Brooke reels from another scandal heard around the globe. Will Stephanie manage to force her son Ridge to divorce Brooke? Will Stephanie’s reconciliation with her own husband Eric be in jeopardy since the old Stephanie is back? Plus what will happen with Pam and Stephen’s plans to be married? Tune in for March madness as “The Bold and the Beautiful” heats up to a fever pitch.

“B&B” airs weekdays on CBS.

All Photographs are Courtesy: JPI Studios International© for Bell Phillip TV Productions