MALIBU—On Friday, October 30, strong Santa Ana winds hit Southern California, causing small brush fires and power outages.

United States National Weather Service issued a red flag warning, citing a higher chance of fires due to the strong winds. Also known as a Fire Weather warning, a red flag warning alerts citizens that weather conditions are highly susceptible to wild fire.

Strong winds ignited two brush fires. One occurred in Elysian Park near the 110 freeway and the other was located in Cable Canyon in San Bernardino. Both were small, but the Elysian Park fire caused two lanes on the northbound 110 freeway to close until it was extinguished.

The Santa Ana winds are also suspected of causing power outages in Malibu on Friday, October 30, affecting more than 1,500 people. One area that was affected was Pepperdine University. Classes were canceled due to the power outages and because there was no clear time as to when power would be restored.

Southern California Edison stated that they do not know whether or not the strong winds had to do with power outages in the area. Winds knocked down a tree, which knocked down electrical equipment..

According to reports, winds were said to have reached between 40 mph and 60 mph in speed. The Santa Ana winds are known for being strong and blowing down slope, starting from towards the inner portion of Southern California and making its way to the coastal regions. Santa Ana winds are a common occurrence in Southern California during the autumn and winter seasons.