HOLLYWOOD—I called it. Relationships have definitely shifted on “The Young and the Restless” and let’s chat about the big one; Sharon and Chance are over! I hate to say it, but I’m ok with this. Sharon and Chance were drawn together after a bevy of unfortunate situations in their love lives. This resulted in more of lust than romance. Sharon, I think noticed she was drifting away from Chance, and he might be swaying towards Summer, so she let him go.

Yes, Sharon severed the ties and it ended with Summer and Chance commiserating a bit over drinks and lunch. Per Phyllis, Summer is not able to go after what she wants. Chance and Summer just have amazing chemistry together and that is a testament to the actors, but they haven’t even shared a kiss or any sizzling romance just yet. I cannot wait to see these two share their first kiss; I feel it will be similar to Adam and Sally; we’ll talk about those two as well.

Let’s return to Sharon, who had a launch party for her new company Cassidy First Technology. It was a direct tribute to her late daughter Cassie, and it was a reveal that brought a smile to Nick’s face. Now that Sally is completely out of Nick’s orbit, it FINALLY feels like the writers are attempting to do what they should have done all along, reuniting Sharon and Nick. I thought that was going to happen last year after everything with Cameron Kristin, but sometimes when you delay the inevitable it just makes it that much sweeter when it actually comes to fruition. Sally and Adam have reunited after spending the night together and the two could not be happier. Yeah, these two are destined to be together. It is not just the chemistry between the characters, but they bring out the best in each other.

Sally makes Adam a better man, and with Victor forcing Nick and Adam to be CO-CEO’s as Victoria handles matters with Claire, this could be good for Adam. He is no longer fighting for Victor’s approval. Victor has given him the keys; all he has to do is drive the car with care. This brings us to Tucker and Ashley, who both want to move on, but it is apparent they both have a deep love for one another. I’m so sick of the ‘hints’ of what transpired while these two were in Paris. Just show the viewers what unfolded so we have a clear picture of the events. Was it worse than what Ashley noted or is some secret being withheld to be dropped later on down the line?

Sharon did mention a collaboration between her new company with Chancellor-Winters, which is interesting. Let’s turn to another love triangle that I am trying to make sense of, but I am having trouble doing so involving Danny, Christine and Phyllis. Phyllis just hates Christine and will do whatever she can to get under her skin. She knows Danny has the hots for Christine and she’s making moves to cause issues. The lingerie, and then that kiss which Christine caught first-hand, it is proof Phyllis has not changed and she is about to annoy Daniel, Summer and a host of other people in the process.

The writers just need to better utilize the character of Phyllis Summers. She is iconic and should be more entangled with Jack and Diane, but it seems that ship has sailed, and I honestly cannot understand why.