HOLLYWOOD—While the storylines have not yet exploded for May sweeps on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless,” there is no shortage of drama on the soap. There are so MANY and I mean so many relationships dealing with massive ups and downs I’m not certain where to begin. I guess we’ll start off with the biggest love story of the hour, which is the impending love triangle between Billy, Phyllis and Victoria. Now, let’s not sugarcoat anything; Billy is indeed a playboy. The guy has loves come and go quicker than you can snap your finger.

I’ve always seen his true love as Victoria, but her constant rollercoaster of emotions has pushed Billy away. I mean in the midst of any crisis Billy has always been by Victoria’s side to be a hearing ear. Last year, the big talk of the town was Billy’s hookup with Phyllis, and after the dirty deed came to light, Phyllis and Billy worked to repair their relationships with their significant others. Rewind to May 2017, and Billy and Phyllis are back hooking up. There is one problem; Victoria now wants a relationship with Billy. Um, Victoria you can’t just toss a guy and expect him to come running when you want him around. Phyllis is not giving up, nor is Victoria, so it’s up to Billy to make a choice and it doesn’t look easy people.

Phyllis sure knows how to push buttons; her reconciliation with Billy has Jack and Ashley seeing red. I would argue Ashley is a bit more unnerved than Jack, simply because she knows Phyllis’ deceptive side. To make matters worse, Ashley has her own issues with Ravi (look you either like the guy or you don’t), Abby and her blast from the past: Dina Mergeron. Yep, Jack and Ashley’s mother has returned to Genoa City to handle some business and attempt to rekindle with her kids.

There is one slight problem; Ashley is not the least bit interested in a happy reunion. If anything she knows her mother is up to something, but I suspect this has more to do with the fact that Ashley is not a true Abbott. Yup, her father is not Jack Abbott people, and it’s a secret that has been kept under wraps. Could mother and daughter reunite? Based on Ashley’s reaction,  I don’t have my fingers crossed, not to mention the fact that Abby is trying to get closer to the grandmother she never knew.

Other relationship woes involve the quad-triangle involving Hilary, Devon, Mariah and Jordan. Yeah, Hilary has moved on with Jordan, but her jealously of Devon and Mariah’s relationship is so evident it’s scary. Do I think Devon and Mariah make a cute couple, yes, but will it last, I’m not so certain. As for Jordan, he looks like the rebound guy, and I think he has his eyes on Lily. Why is that problematic? She is married to Cane, but Jordan is aware that something has transpired between Cane and his co-worker Juliet. So will Jordan spill the beans to Lily? In due time its certain things will explode, but I sense a fatal attraction vibe from Juliet that could turn ugly real quick.

The other hot button relationship of the hour is the burgeoning romance between Scott and Sharon. Scott seems smitten by Sharon who is still dealing with the heartbreak of Dylan’s departure. However, things are tricky here, because Dylan is not dead, he is in hiding, so I suspect the moment he returns everything could change. Oh, we can’t forget the current friction between Nikki and Victor, and I must say it looks like the writers might be hinting that Nikki and Jack could reunite, that is if he has gotten over his fling with Gloria!