SANTA MONICA—Interim City Manager Lane Dilg issued a revision in a press release on Thursday, June 25 of Santa Monica’s local emergency declaration expanding the availability of private and public spaces for restaurants, retail, and local business.

“This work builds on the expanded temporary outdoor dining approved earlier this month and work underway to expand the use of Main Street for dining and retail,” said Dilg.

On June 5 Santa Monica announced the new Temporary Use of Public Sidewalks and Parking Spaces program allowing for restaurants to expand their outdoor dining space to adjacent sidewalks and private property after applying for an encroachment application.

The new order allows businesses to expand temporary outdoor commercial areas for outdoor dining and retail. It expands potential commercial areas to on-street parking, loading spaces, adjacent sidewalk, and privately owned parking lots, courtyards, or other spaces (with the consent of the owner).

The expansion will be implemented in parts of the recently opened Santa Monica Pier and Third Street Promenade.

All businesses expanding to new outdoor areas must still implement Los Angeles County Department of Public Health guidelines both inside and outside. Outdoor festivals and beer gardens will not be allowed due to social distancing precautions.

A current business license, required insured documents, and a temporary encroachment are required for the Temporary Use of Public Sidewalks and Parking Spaces program. The program will be in effect through Labor Day, and applications will be approved within 48 hours of submission.

The second revision to the 18th supplement of Santa Monica’s declaration of a local emergency announced several other changes for businesses. The existing application fee to expand an outdoor dining space has been waived until August 31, and the delinquency date deadline for business license renewals was extended to August 31 from July 31.

“With expanded space to shop, dine and exercise, we hope our community will feel safe to get outside and enjoy our amazing City with public health measures in place,” said Dilg.

To apply for the Temporary Use of Public Sidewalks and Parking Spaces program click here.